"A Click on an Unknown Link Could Wipe Out Assets in Your Accounts" -- Be Wary of Phishing Scams

Recently, phishing scams targeting users with cryptocurrencies have been prevalent. We hope all users stay alerted.


1. What is a phishing scam:

"Phishing" is a kind of network fraud where scammers use various means to imitate real website addresses and pages to trick users into revealing such important information as account, password, verification code, and ID information to swindle users out of their assets.


2. Methods:

1) Mass SMS: Some scammers impersonate Huobi and send mass SMS to trick users into clicking on phishing links on the grounds of the system upgrade, the need to verify the user's ID, and old user migrations. In this way, they fraudulently obtain information such as account, password, and verification code and then steal customers' funds.

2) Viruses: Scammers clone a website identical to Huobi's and then use computer viruses and spam software to send fake website addresses to the customer's computer.

3) Emails: Scammers send a large number of fraudulent emails by pretending to be an official email address to lure users into logging into fake websites.

4) Community dissemination: Scammers publish false information about activities in QQ, WeChat, exchange communities, etc., luring users into logging into fake websites by promising high returns or rebates.


3. How to prevent such scams?

1) Do not click on untrusted links or enter your Huobi account, password, and personal information on unknown websites to avoid being stolen by phishing sites or Trojan horses.

2) Update system patches on time and regularly run antivirus scans on your computers and phones.

3) Double-check the website domain name when logging in to a website. Please do not log in to the website by searching it through the search engine. We recommend you enter the address manually. Please be sure that you have entered the correct official website: www.huobi.com. Other domain names can be verified via the official verification link: https://www.huobi.com/en-us/verification/.

4) Do not click on links in notices sent by any exception numbers or emails containing "account upgrade", "migration", "withdrawal", etc.

5) If you encounter unknown links, receive SMS emails with the above contents, or receive information about activities spread by the community, you can contact Customer Support through official channels for confirmation to avoid such scams.


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