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XCH(Chia Network)
Chia was founded by the founders of BitTorrent. It uses the consensus algorithm of Proof Of Space and Time, which combines two consensus mechanisms of "Proof of Space and Time".
White Paper & Cộng đồng
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I. Project Introduction

1. What is Chia?

Chia Network is created by legendary programmer Bram Cohen, which can verify its blockchain with inexpensive and redundant unused hard disk storage. Chia uses file storage space to verify, and then combine it with proof of time to eliminate most attackers.

Chia was incorporated in August of 2017 to develop an improved blockchain and smart transaction platform. The aim of building the Chia Network is to improve the global financial and payments systems. Chia is the first enterprise-grade digital money. It is using the first new Nakamoto consensus algorithm since Bitcoin, called Proof of Space and Time. Chialisp is Chia’s new smart transaction programming language that is powerful, easy to audit, and secure. Reference smart transactions currently available are: atomic swaps, authorized payees, recoverable wallets, multisig wallets, and rate-limited wallets.

Chialisp is a newly developed, innovative blockchain programming language, which is powerful, easy to audit, and secure. The blockchain is powered by the first new Nakamoto style consensus algorithm since Bitcoin launched in 2008. Proofs of Space and Time replace energy intensive “proofs of work,” using unused disk space.

Chia Network supports the development and deployment of Chia blockchain globally. It also supports Chia developers and enterprises use of Chia with software support and Chia lending.

Chia will pre-mine 21 million Chia when the network is launched, and help stabilize and develop Chia’s economy through Chia’s novel borrowing Chia’s business plan.

II. Token Information

The idealized Post-launch Chia Emission Schedule is as follows:
- 64 chia will be created every ten minutes for the first three years after launch.
- 32 chia will be created every ten minutes in years four through six after launch.
- 16 chia will be created every ten minutes in years seven through nine after launch.
- 8 chia will be created every ten minutes in years ten through twelve.
- 4 chia will be created every ten minutes for every year after year twelve.

XCH Issuance Schedule:


After a final halving, XCH continues trailing emissions:

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