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Metaplex is an open source protocol for the creation and use of digital assets on the Solana blockchain.
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Creator and Early Supporter Round - 0.05$; Strategic Round - 0.35$.

MPLX (Metaplex)

Metaplex is an open source protocol for the creation and use of digital assets on the Solana blockchain.

I. Project Introduction

As the base protocol for NFTs on Solana, Metaplex is set to underpin the adoption of mainstream Web3 assets. By offering a low-cost, permissionless repository of standards and libraries, Metaplex will power the next generation of NFT projects.
The Metaplex protocol has three major components:
- The Digital Asset Standard defines the token metadata for Fungible, Semi-Fungible and Non-Fungible tokens, supporting use cases in art, collectibles, gaming, identity and music.
- The Metaplex Program Library (MPL) provides on-chain functionality for applications to create, sell, buy or trade digital assets.
- META, the governance token of the Metaplex protocol and Metaplex DAO.

In addition, the Metaplex Foundation provides developers with sophisticated tools to extend and deploy the protocol, including SDKs and reference applications.
These tools have accelerated widespread integration of Metaplex in products like OpenSea, Phantom, FTX and soon Instagram. They’ve also supported the growth of new platform businesses like Fractal, Holaplex and Magic Eden.

II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: MPLX (Metaplex)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Tokens in Circulation:

Price for early investors: Creator and Early Supporter Round - 0.05$; Strategic Round - 0.35$.

III. Related Links

Official Website: https://www.metaplex.com/

Whitepaper Link: 

Whitepaper not yet published. Protocol documents available at https://docs.metaplex.com/, and https://github.com/metaplex-foundation/metaplex/

Blockchain explorer Links:


Community Related links:






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