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TRG(The Rug Game)
The Rug Game simulates the thrill and risks taken in the ever growing degen underworld of the cryptocurrency market. The ultimate battle of psychology and tokenomics.
Teknik Döküman ve Çevrimiçi Topluluk
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I. Project Introduction
Whilst the world collapses around us, the greed driven underbelly of blockchain marches on. This society will function through the most extreme of circumstances. Recession, collapse, war, famine. Unimpaired by morality, emotion, patience, nor logic, there is a society which has grown under our feet. Nothing can stop an addict from their sweet release. The desperation of the common man to escape their circumstance will leave them to utilise the tools at their disposal. Like an addict must be weaned away from the sweet escape of the needle .. so too must the lowest depths of degeneracy & depravity be weaned from their own addictions to greed. Do you want to play a game? Make your choice.

II. Token Information
1) Basic Information
Token name: TRG
Total supply: 6,666,666,666,666
Tokens in Circulation: 5,265,499,541,702
TGE Date: Jan 16, 2023

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