HBUS Holdco Inc. is the owner and operator of the Huobi digital asset marketplace. With HBUS’s technology and our emphasis on transparency, we’re taking the mystery out of our process for evaluating digital assets for listing on our marketplace. This approach imagines a future where digital assets are used by more and more people, attracting a new crop of users to the Huobi marketplace.

When evaluating a digital asset for listing, HBUS reviews public and non-public information to determine if the digital asset meets our listing requirements. We apply a comprehensive due diligence process and have developed a proprietary rating algorithm that calculates a risk score for each digital asset. We only list new digital assets that comply with our listing requirements and we continuously monitor all digital assets on the marketplace to ensure their continued compliance.

This webpage is designed to be both an educational and a practical guide to our listing process, giving users and blockchain projects all the essential information about digital asset listing requirements on our marketplace.

Please refer to our digital asset forms and related materials as well as our list of frequently asked questions.

Foundation – Basis of Project

Is the protocol operational on a main network?

Did an ICO or Crowdsale occur?

Does the token offer utility?

Technology – Assessment of Network

Is the project open sourced and decentralized?

How are the tokens distributed?

Has there been a security audit?

Team – Evaluation of Founders and Contributors

What is the background of the leadership team?

Are there sufficient contributors and supporters to the protocol?

We perform sanction screening and identity checks on owners and officers.

Community – Analysis of Social Media

Is there significant adverse media?

Has the token been marketed as an investment?

Are there sufficient users of the token and or protocol?