HT Operation Monthly Report (April 2020)

I Business Data
Compared with March 2020, the month-on-month aggregate trading volume of trading pairs and Huobi Derivative Market has declined by 18.27% for April 2020. Perpetual swap has reached $50.3 billion trading volume in April after being launched for 49 days and reached the top tiers in May. The perpetual swap has been officially included in the scope of Huobi Token Burn.

II HT Destruction
In April, 2020, Huobi Global destroyed 3.281481 million HT (about 12.44 million USDT).
As of May 15, the number of destroyed HT combined has reached 205,586,500 HT.

The HT deflation rate of the month is 1.05%. 【Calculation Function: HT deflation rate = (3.281481 million HT destroyed amount * 75% )/ 232,611,400 HT】

Aggregate HT Circulation Amount: 294,413,400 HT

Current HT Circulation Amount: 232,150,300 HT

HT month-on-month user growth: 5.1%

III HT April Calendar: Activities & Review
1. On April 23, Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA), has approved Huobi Global's native exchange token, Huobi Token (HT) as a compliant crypto asset to trade in the world's second largest digital asset trading market.

2. To thank HT community's loyal customers, Huobi Global launched the "Hold HT, Predict to Win" campaign dedicated to halving and gave away another 30,000 USDT to HT holders and participants of the campaign.

3. The YouHodler platform, a European digital asset services platform, officially went live on HT on April 29. Users can use HT on YouHodler to trade with more than 12 digital assets trading pairs with four types of stablecoin and four fiat currencies, as well as to pledge HT for borrowing USD, Euros, GBP and Swiss Francs.

4. PayRue, the open and compliant digital asset platform, started to support HT holding and trading on April 15.PayRue wallet will support HT storage and transactions.PayRue DEX will support HT tradings. PayRue will soon support HT buying using VISA and Mastercard.

5. Loom Network, an architecture platform based on the Ether Square extension, added HT as a payment method on April 10, allowing developers to accept HT exchange services on top of LOOM's DApp.

IV Huobi Global March Calendar: Activities & Review
1. Huobi Perpetual Swap has covered 13 major digital assets, including BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, EOS, LTC, XRP, ETC, TRX, LINK, ZEC, ADA and DASH, supporting users to operate on the web, API and App.

2. Huobi Wallet allowed users to store and transfer DASH through on April 3. Huobi Wallet has now supported 18 public chains.

3. Huobi launched the Halving Campaign on April 14, offering rewards worth more than 100,000 USDT. About 166,000 participants joined this campaign.

4. On 2 April, Huobi Indonesia, in collaboration with Huobi Group, donated an equivalent of $ 50,000 Huobi Token to Association of Indonesia-China Economic, Social and Cultural, an organization of bilateral relations between Indonesia and China.The funds will be used to purchase medical supplies for epidemic protection. Huobi Indonesia also assisted the association in setting up a free fundraising website, which supports digital donations from China, Indonesia and English speaking countries.

V Latest HT News & Plans
1. Huobi Japan to list HT in June.

2.Huobi Public Chain updates:
(1)R&D for DEX, it is expected that the main network will come online after stable operation.
(2)KYC development, R&D of on-chain governance;
(3)Fixing the stability and functionality issues.

3. Huobi Global will launch a new market maker assessment standard in the near future, in which the weight of HT in the portfolio will be adjusted to the first among all assessed digital assets to further enhance HT liquidity.

4. The second phase of VIP equity will be launched in early June, the VIP level is determined by the fire power value, and the rate of obtaining fire power value for HT positions will be increased. Users whose average daily holding of 50,000 HT at the current price are eligible to become a Huobi VIP.

5. To give back to HT users, Huobi Global will add an exclusive prize pool for HT users during the launch of the Pizza Day Campaign on May 22.

Huobi Global
May 15, 2020