Huobi Token (HT) 2019 Q4 Buyback Information

Dear users,

As per Huobi Token (HT) buyback plan, Huobi Global and Huobi DM spends 20% of its quarterly revenue on buyback each quarter and the buyback in the fourth quarter of 2019 has been completed (computed based on daily conversion price of USDT as at purchase date). We hereby disclose the information of this buyback as follows:

Ⅰ HT Circulation Information
1. Total Amount of HT: 458.2190 million HT
Circulating Supply: 297.3470 million HT
Current Circulating Amount: 236.4681 million HT
HT Giveaway during Point Card Purchase: 300.0135 million HT
Marketing Promotions: 2.6577 million HT
Employee Incentives: 31.64 million HT
Ecological Fund Investments: 4.8168 million HT

2. Total Pledged Amount: 60.8789 million HT
OTC Advertiser Security Deposit: 10.095 million HT
Global Elites Security Deposit: 0.5333 million HT
NEXT Project teams’ Security Deposit: 0.125 million HT
Huobi NEXT HT Votes (including the previous HADAX 2.0 Voting): 0 HT
Ecosystem Fund Investment: 0 HT
Investor Protection Fund: 50.0756 million HT
Others: 0.05 million HT

3. Q4 2019 Token Repurchase & Burn: 8.0611 million HT
According to The Results For HT Token Burn Program Community Vote, Huobi Global has completed the burn of HT for Q4 2019 (a total of 8.0611 million HT, approximately equivalent to 25.7587 million USDT).

Burn record:

4. Cumulative quantity of HT burnt to-date: 41.7809 million HT
As of January 15th, 2020, the total number of HT burnt is 41.7809 million HT. The details are as follows:

Ⅱ Changes to the HT Burn Program
1. Value of Huobi tokens (HT) burnt in this round is based on actual repurchase price.
2. Rule of Huobi tokens (HT) burnt in this round is based on The Results For HT Token Burn Program Community Vote which has been published on August 9, 2019.

Ⅲ Development Plans for Huobi Token
Following the release of the All Star VIP Tiered Fee Promotion in Q3, thereby increasing HT holding and token burn volume, Q4 saw the introduction of HT as a collateral asset, and the subsequent announcement of limits placed on use of HT reserves under the Investor Protection Fund, as well as Platform Operations expenditure.
This allows for increased HT application use-case under a stable deflationary model, allowing for the continuous reduction of HT circulation supply. The next quarter will see further dual implementation of deflationary and application use-case strategies, to facilitate the internationalization of HT and build-up of the HT eco-system.

As the world's leading digital asset financial service provider, Huobi Group is committed to providing a better trading experience, greater account security and better customer service. We expect even more partners to participate in and grow with Huobi’s eco-system! Huobi Group will empower the blockchain industry and witness the continued development of HT with all users!

Huobi Global
January 15, 2019