HT Operation Monthly Report (December 2019)

Ⅰ Summary Statistics

Relative to October, Huobi enjoyed a month-on-month 9.08% increase in aggregate trading volume (Huobi Global & Huobi DM) in November 2019, followed by a 12.73% relative decline in December.

Ⅱ HT Price Performance in December

HT/USDT Price Dropped 0.16%

Start of Month 2.7496 USDT
End of Month 2.7452 USDT


HT/BTC Price Rose 4.63%

Start of Month 0.00036471 BTC
End of Month 0.00038157 BTC


Ⅲ Overview of HT Key Activities In December

1. Addition of HT as margin collateral deposits starting December 16, 2019.
2. Introduction of limits in use of HT under the Investor Protection Fund for Year 2020.
3. Introduction of limits in platform operations HT expenditure for Year 2020.
4. Upward re-order of HT/USDT trading pair on Huobi Global.

Ⅳ Recent Group Events

On December 18, Huobi Group won the PR Newswire Corporate Communications Award.

On December 22, Huobi Labs successfully conducted the first presentation of the “Entrepreneurship Hot Block Camp (HBC)” Phase 2 Camp in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, which saw presentations made by 7 outstanding projects.

Starting December 26, Huobi Japan plans to raise approximately USD4.56 million US dollars via private placement with a Japanese listed company, Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, completing an important step in its localization strategy.

V Upcoming Plans for HT

1. Introduction of HT/IDR fiat trading pair by Huobi Indonesia for Indonesia users.
2. Starting January 2020, HT will form part of the Huobi VIP classification system, whereby VIP privileges will correspond with their HT holdings.
3. Launch of HT Dust Sweep function on Huobi Global in mid-January 2020.
4. Introduction of one-click HPT to HT swap conversion function on Huobi Pool.
5. Use of HT to redeem hotel services.

Huobi Global
January 10, 2020