Huobi All Star VIP Fee Promotion

Dear Users,

Huobi Global will extend the “All Star VIP Fee Promotion“ to Huobi OTC, spot and Huobi DM star products, in order to more effectively strengthen the linkage of star business, improve service ability and rate competitiveness, thus providing preferential tiered fee rates to all existing professional and potential professional users. All VIP users are welcome to apply for the rate.

"All Star VIP Promotion" Period:

20:00, March 31st, 2020 – 16:00, July 31th, 2021 (UTC)

The policy after the promotion will be announced then.

Promotion 1: Professional Tier Enjoy 30% Discount. HT position requirements decrease from 5000HT to 2000HT, as follows:


The above fee rates will take effect for all existing professional tiered fee users during the promotion period. Existing users can enjoy the above New All Star VIP fee rate with no action required.


Promotion 2: Huobi All Star VIP Program

Huobi is proud to present the “Huobi All Star VIP Program”,with competitive direct 1-1 VIP matching rates that extend across BOTH spot and contract trading. VIP traders who enjoy VIP preferential rates on competing exchange trading platforms apart from Huobi, can apply to participate in the “Huobi All Star VIP Program” and enjoy VIP rates on BOTH Huobi spot and contract trading platforms. Apply for Huobi's "All Star VIP" program during the event, and you can enjoy both Huobi spot and contract dual VIPs. Details are as follows:

1. External Futures Contract VIP Trader Participation in “Huobi All Star VIP Program”


Contract VIP traders within the industry can apply to participate in the “Huobi All Star VIP Program” based on their contract trading volume on competing exchanges, for example: “

Trader A, a Contract VIP4 level trader or 30 day contract trading volume of 150 Million USD, participates in ‘Huobi All Star VIP Program‘ to be become a Huobi DM Contract VIP4 level trader and qualify for Huobi Global Spot VIP3 preferential trading rates.

2. External Spot VIP Trader Participation in“Huobi All Star VIP Program”


Spot VIP traders within the industry can apply to participate in the “Huobi All Star VIP Program” based on their spot trading volume on competing exchanges, for example:

“Trader B, a Spot VIP6 level trader with 30 day spot trading volume of 20,000 BTC, participates in ‘Huobi All Star VIP Program‘ to be become a Huobi Global Spot VIP6 level trader and qualify for Huobi DM Contract VIP5 preferential trading rates.”

3. Existing Huobi DM VIP users can apply to be a Huobi Global VIP trader and vice versa.

*Please refer to the promotion details and application rules for the terms and conditions bellow as contained in the announcement.


Promotion 3: Potential VIP Tiered Fee Challenge

To assist potential VIP users (i.e. with 30-day spot trading volume in range 500-1,000 BTC across Huobi and other exchanges) to swiftly develop their trading strategy, Huobi will provide a one-stop trading solution with superior platform privileges. During the promotion period, potential VIP users can apply to enjoy 2-months tiered fee trial experience, with applicable tiers as detailed below:



*6th Anniversary Promotion 2 and 3 Application Rules:

1. The above-mentioned two (2) promotion privilege will last for at most two (2) months. After the trial period, the system will apply the corresponding tier fee based on the account’s 30-day trading volume and HT holdings.

2. If you apply for the Huobi Spot VIP rate, you will not be required to hold a 2000HT position during the 2-month trial period. You must meet the 2000HT position when you officially enjoy the professional user rate.

3. Users who fail the assessment of the All-Star VIP rate experience period cannot apply again within 2 months;

4. Application methods:
You can consult your corresponding key account manager, or email consultation: [email protected].

*If the announced rate is inconsistent with the actual execution rate, the specific execution rate shall prevail. For details of the announcement, please contact the Key Account Manager.

Huobi Global will continue to practice the concept of "User First" and make unremitting efforts to promote the development of the blockchain industry. Thank you for your support! And we appreciate all valuable advice from you!

Huobi Global
June 15, 2020


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