Copy Trading User Agreement

Copy trading (each, a “Copy Trade” and the service, “Copy Trading”) is a service which allows you to copy the trades of other Users (“Copied Trader”). When using Copy Trading, parameters such as margin, leverage, size, take profit and stop loss will be set in accordance with the parameters set by the Copied Trader. You may manually close a Copy Trade in advance. When using Copy Trading, you understand and agree that:

  1. we may not obtain your consent when executing your Copy Trade;
  2. you are solely responsible for any fees payable to us and/or the Copied Trader through your use of Copy Trading;
  3. you may not be permitted to use any or all of the Copy Trading functions based on applicable laws, rules and regulations;
  4. we do not guarantee the performance of any Copied Trader. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. We are not liable or responsible for actions taken by any Copied Trader;
  5. Copy Trading is not an investment recommendation, investment advice or other financial advice of any kind. You should use Copy Trading as a tool for your own independent research and not make decisions based on the Copied Trader;
  6. we reserve the right to cancel, suspend, block and/or cease all Copy Traders, Copy Trades and/or Copy Trading;
  7. you are responsible for all Copy Trades executed on the Platform;
  8. we are not responsible or liable in the event of any software and/or system failures which may affect Copy Trading;
  9. you are liable for any and all losses you may sustain from using Copy Trading;
  10. Copy Trading is highly speculative and you could sustain significant losses from the following circumstances:
  • any slippage from the execution of the Copy Trades;
  • where the Copy Trade achieves a materially different result from the Copied Trader; and/or
  • where you choose to Copy Trade an inexperienced or unprofessional Copied Trader

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