Agreement on Privilege Services


Welcome to use the Agreement on the Use of Privilege Function!

In order to use the Privilege Services (hereinafter referred to as "the Services"), you should read and comply with the Agreement on Using the Privilege Service (hereafter referred to as “this Agreement”). You are hereby advised to carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement, particularly the terms and conditions concerning exclusion and limitation of liability, as well as any separate note on rules relating to the activation or use of any specific service, and choose whether to accept such terms, conditions and rules or not.

You cannot use the Services hereunder unless and until you read and accept all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any of your conducts relating to accessing the Services, including application for and upgrading or closing of the Services, as well as any of your conducts relating to using the Services, such as log-in and viewing, shall be deemed as indication that you have read and agreed to be bound by this Agreement.

If your relevant legal capacity is limited, please read this Agreement in the presence of your legal guardian.


  1. [Scope of Agreement]

1.1 This Agreement is entered into by and between you and this Website in connection with your use of the Privilege Services hereunder.

1.2 This Agreement is subject to the User Agreement of this Website. Upon your clicking on the button “Read and Accept”, you shall be deemed as having fully accepted all the terms and conditions of the User Agreement of this Website, this Agreement as well as any existing or future rules, statements, descriptions, etc, that this Website has issued or may issue in the future. This Agreement also includes relevant regulations and business rules concerning the Services hereunder that this Website may release from time to time. Upon their official release, the aforementioned rules and regulations shall become an integral part of this Agreement and you shall comply with them as such. Any and all matters not covered by this Agreement shall be subject to the User Agreement on a mutatis mutandis basis.

  1. About the Content of the Services

2.1 The Privilege Services hereunder specifically means that the User may apply to have a certain amount of HT that it holds locked up, in exchange for user privileges of a corresponding level. Of such privileges, some are offline privileges (the content and classification of specific privileges shall be subject to the content of relevant services as is published on relevant service pages of this Website and actually provided).

2.2 After you apply for lock-up in exchange for user privileges, the Platform will execute the corresponding HT lock-up upon your application, after which relevant staff members of the Huobi Platform will contact you. Please wait patiently for the review result of your application for privileges; if the service application or upgrading is approved after verification, the locked-up amount of HT will be transferred into a separate lock-up account for safekeeping; if the application is rejected after verification, the corresponding amount of HT that needs to be locked up when applying for the Services will be returned. 

2.3 After access to the privileges is approved, you may upgrade such privileges in view of the fact the privileges are divided into a number of grades; to complete the upgrading, all you are required to do is to lock up the amount of HT equivalent to the difference in HT amount between your current grade and the grade you want to upgrade to. Currently only upgrading of privileges is supported and downgrading of privileges is not supported for the moment. If you need to turn off the Privilege Services, you should submit an application to the Huobi Platform for turning off such privileges; after the application is duly reviewed and approved by the Platform, the amount of HT you lock up will be unlocked, and the specific time for such unlocking is subject to the time you agree with the staff members of the Huobi Platform.

2.4 This Website may optimize and adjust the content of the above-mentioned Privilege Services and the detailed rules for the use thereof, in light of the Users’ needs and changes in the types of products and services from time to time and at any time. Any such adjustment shall be subject to the official disclosure on relevant service pages of this Website.

  1. Statement on the Services

3.1 Your operations relating to your application for access to and upgrading and turning off of the Services for which you offer to lock-up an amount of HB are all your own voluntary actions. You should properly keep the user name and password of your account and be responsible for any and all operations under the account.

3.2 You understand and agree that: all investment risks such as depreciation of the value of a User’s assets on account that the amount of HT under lock-up cannot be traded normally during the lock-up period shall be borne exclusively by the User, and the User will not hold the Platform accountable in any manner whatsoever for the losses arising therefrom.

3.3 Upon its unilateral notice (the forms of notification include but are not limited to telephone, WeChat message, email, announcements on the Website, inter alia, and upon the service of such notice), the Huobi Platform has the right to directly and forcefully turn off your privileges and unlock the corresponding amount of HT that you lock up in exchange for your privileges hereunder; the Platform will operate according to the amount of the HT locked up, and does not make any guarantee for any rise or fall in the price of such amount of HT, nor is it liable for any consequences arising therefrom.

3.4 You shall use the Services

3.5 You fully understand and agree that in light of the particular nature of the Internet, this Website may suspend or terminate the provision of the Services hereunder to you in accordance with any of the relevant laws and regulations, or as is agreed by both parties hereto, or as may be necessary; should such termination or suspension occur, this Website will protect your legitimate rights and interests in accordance with law.

3.6 This Website reserves the right to modify the Service Terms at any time. Upon modification or alteration of any of the Service Terms, this Website will display on relevant web pages a notice on such modification or alteration; if you object to such alteration or modification, you may cancel the Services that you have already obtained by then and terminate your use thereof; your continued use of the Services provided by this Website shall be deemed as your acceptance of such modification to this Agreement.

3.7 The Huobi Platform reserves the final right to interpret the content of the Privilege hereunder and the corresponding service rules and terms.

  1. Liability for Breach of Agreement

4.1 Any breach of any term or condition of this Agreement by this Website or by the User shall constitute a breach of this Agreement, and the breaching party shall be liable for such breach of agreement to the observant party.

4.2 If this Website finds out or receives any complaint concerning the User’s breach of this Agreement, this Website shall have the right to, in light of the circumstances of such breach of agreement and without prior notice to such User, adopt measures against such User in breach, including but not limited to warning, restricting or prohibiting the use of part or all of the Function, suspension or termination of Services, inter alia.

4.3 You may not provide or transfer any of the files, images and technical interface, inter alia, involved in the Services

4.4 If the User maliciously damages the goodwill of this Website by fabricating fictional facts or otherwise, this Website shall have the right to demand the User to present a public apology to this Website, and indemnify this Website against any and all losses that it may sustain therefrom, and this Website shall have the right to terminate the supply of the Services to the User.

4.5 Where the User engages in any illegal activity on this Website or through any of the Services, and thus violates any applicable law or administrative regulation or breaches this Agreement, this Website shall have the ri

4.6 The User shall be solely liable for any compensation, demands or damages claimed by a third party and arising from the User's breach of this Agreement or the provisions of any of the relevant agreements and rules; the User shall also indemnify this Website against any loss that this Website may sustain due to such violation on the part of the User.

  1. Dispute Resolution

   The User and this Website shall first seek to resolve any dispute that may arise between them in connection with the performance of this Agreement through friendly negotiation. Where the negotiation fails, either party hereto shall have the right to submit such dispute to the Singapore International Arbitration Center for arbitration in accordance with then applicable arbitration rules thereof.

  1. Miscellaneous

6.1 The headings used in this Agreement are exclusively for facilitating reading and shall have no force or effect upon the construction or interpretation of any provision hereof.

6.2 If any term or condition hereof becomes invalid, void or unenforceable, the remainder of the terms and conditions hereof shall remain in full force and effect and shall be binding on both parties hereto.

6.3 Any and all matters not covered by this Agreement shall be subject to the agreements, rules and statements that have been released or may be released in the future by Huobi Global Professional Website or this Website on a mutatis mutandis basis.

6.4 This Agreement may involve translation versions of multiple languages; should there be any conflict between any translation version and the Chinese version hereof, the latter shall prevail.