Huobi Ambassador Recruitment Program-3nd Phase

Dear Huobi Ambassador Candidates,

To promote the Huobi brand to the world, bring in local resources, and attract more talents with deep industry knowledge to promote Huobi Global together, we are kicking off the 3rd round of the Huobi Ambassador Recruitment Program. Grow and profit with us by signing up now!

Recruitment period: 00:00 on Oct 1, 2022 – 23:59 on Oct 31, 2022 (UTC)


1. Requirements:

  • Own Telegram / LINE / Discord communities with no less than 500 members/subscribers each, or be active in more than 20 crypto groups.
  • Have social media accounts with no less than 1,000 followers/subscribers for each, such as Twitter/YouTube/TikTok/Facebook.
  • Active in the blockchain industry, understand the Huobi brand and our value, and be willing to grow together.
  • Have enough time and industry knowledge to interact with community users over a long period of time.

2. Benefits

Get 20 contribution points to obtain the following benefits:

  • 500 USDT per month
  • Lifetime commission: 40% on spot trading and 50% on futures trading
  • An official title as a Huobi Ambassador and an exclusive referral poster
  • Priority to participate in Huobi’s events
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Huobi official support


3. Requirements

  • Establish at least one local Huobi community, actively maintain Huobi’s reputation, and promote the Huobi brand.
  • Refer new users to Huobi and help them with registration and trading.
  • Bring life to your communit(ies), help users solve daily problems, or help them connect with Customer Support.
  • Help Huobi to expand and connect with local affiliates and other resources


4. Assessment criteria

Get 20 contribution points: 5 from Local Resources Support and 15 from meeting the Referral Goal

Contribution Points

Local Resources Support (Optional)


Research the local market and produce an in-depth report


Create a local community with at least 200 active users


1 point: User growth in the community >2,000

2 points: User growth in the community >4,000

3 points: User growth in the community >5,000


Recommend local resources (local KOLs, institutions, and communities known for bringing referrals, high-quality projects) to work with Huobi


Referral Goal (mandatory): select 1 out of the 3 goals

Number of valid traders


Spot trading volume


Number of valid traders


Futures trading volume


Number of valid traders


Total trading volume



  • The Referral Goal has to be fulfilled before the contribution points from user growth be calculated as valid points.
    For example, if you complete the Referral Goal and created a local community, and the number of user growth in the community is >5,500, you can get 15, 2, and 3 distribution points respectively. As a result, you get 20 distribution points in total and you can obtain the benefits of the month.
  • If a referral you invited trades in both spot and futures, and the spot trading volume is >$200,000, both spot and futures trading volume are converted at 50%. In this case, if the total trading volume after the conversion is ≥ $940,000, you have fulfilled the Referral Goal.
  • A referral who trades over 100 USDT is deemed as a valid trader


5. Disqualifications

  • To keep the Huobi Ambassador title, you need to meet the assessment criteria every month. If you meet the criteria in the first month and obtain the Huobi Ambassador title but fail to meet all the requirements in the next 2 months, you will be removed as a Huobi Ambassador.
  • If you fail to invite any referrals to trade (thus no contribution points from the Referral Goal) in the first month, you will be disqualified.
  • If you obtain 5 points from Local Resources Support but failed to meet the Referral Goal for 2 consecutive months, you will be disqualified.
  • If you are found to engage in fraudulent behavior, such as inflation of trading volume, batch registration, and false trades, you will be disqualified and your benefits will be revoked.


6. Apply to join

We are seeking 100 Huobi Ambassadors this round. Registration link:! This registration is on a voluntary basis and the applications will be approved by Huobi upon review.

  • Applicants from the following countries or regions are not eligible to join this program: Mainland China, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Crimea.
  • Affiliates involved in any paid cooperation with Huobi will be excluded.
  • Huobi reserves the right of final interpretation for the event. Huobi Ambassadors must abide by relevant rules. Huobi reserves the right to cancel the honorary title and benefits of ambassadors who violate the rules.

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