Huobi Global Weekly (12.20-12.26): The 8th Primelist DIO to Launch on Dec. 29

1. Last Week’s Wrap-Up

Seventh Primelist:GMPD

479,841 people participated in the 7th Primelist GMPD promotion on Dec.21, representing 161 different countries. GMPD hit 1.4798 USDT in 1 hour with the highest increase of 2690.54%. The amount of Huobi Tokens locked reached over 35,166,449, with a maximum yield up to 632%.

Pioneer Zone New Launch

ELON went live on December 23, with a maximum gain of 117.27% since launch.

CVX went live on December 23, with a maximum gain of 117.27% since launch.

UST went live on December 23, with a maximum gain of 100.40%since launch.

NT went live on December 24, with a maximum gain of 191.08% since launch.

SOS went live on December 25, with a maximum gain of 51.67%since launch.


2. What to Watch Out for This Week

>8th Primelist <

Huobi Global will be listing Decimated (DIO) on our brand new token listing platform, Primelist, at 10:00 (UTC) on Dec 29.

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>Huobi Futures<

1、Huobi Derivatives Warrant provides a 100% commissions subsidy to all users with the launch of Super VIP program.

Campaign Period: long term

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2、Huobi Derivatives Warrant will host a New Year Giveaway Event, and set up to 100,000 USDT in prize pool,

Campaign Period: Dec 27, 2021 – Jan 15, 2022

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3、$1M Bounty for New USDT-M Contracts Users(1201 - 0113)

Campaign Period: 10:00 (UTC) on Dec 1, 2021 – 12:00 (UTC) on Jan 13, 2022 

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1、Special Campaign for SOS: Deposit & Trade SOS with $100,000 Prizes Up for Grabs!

Event Period: 10:20 (UTC) on Dec 25, 2021 – 10:20 (UTC) on Jan 1, 2022

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2、Trade NT to Win a Share of 1,150,000 NT and Enjoy 100% APY

Promotion Period: 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 24, 2021 - 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 31, 2021

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3、Deposit & Trade ELON to Share 80 Billion ELON and Enjoy 100% APY


Round 1: 15:30:00 (UTC) on Dec 23, 2021- 15:29:59 (UTC) on Dec 24, 2021

Round 2: 15:30:00 (UTC) on Dec 24, 2021- 15:30:00 (UTC) on Dec 31, 2021

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4、Hold and Trade UST to Share 210,000 UST


Round 1: 09:40:00 (UTC) Dec 23, 2021- 08:59:59 (UTC) Dec 28, 2021

Round 2: 09:00:00 (UTC) Dec 28, 2021- 09:00:00 (UTC) Jan 2, 2022

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5、Become a Pioneer Market Maker to Enjoy Up to 600K USDT! (Round Ⅲ)

Period: 16:00 (UTC) on Dec 21, 2021-15:59 (UTC) on Dec 28, 2021

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>Huobi Earn < 

Christmas Gift Prime Earn Round 2 - Enjoy up to15X More APY

 Promotion Period: 13:00 (UTC) on Dec 23 – 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 28

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Christmas Special Gift - Earn up to 15X More APY with Prime Earn

Promotion Period: 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 22 – 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 28

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Enjoy Up to 100% APY on GMPD with Huobi Earn

Promotion Period: 14:00 (UTC) on Dec 21, 2021- 14:00 (UTC) on Dec 28, 2021

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3. Market Movers


Last Week’s Closing Price (USDT)

Weekly Change
































4. Operating Metrics

Security incidents


# of launched products


Contracts trading volumes 

US$24.5 billion

Spot trading volumes

US$18 billion

On-chain user balances

US$16.3 billion


Trading Volumes & On-chain Balances Chart


5. Industry Trends

SOS Token Air Drop

OpenDAO, an NFT community, launched an airdrop of SOS tokens to all OpenSea users. 50% of the total SOS supply of 100 trillion will be used for an airdrop to OpenSea users who had purchased NFTs using Opensea.


SOS Airdrop is a new mass movement. It has an idealized component; the value of OpenSea, other DApps or companies is created by project owners and users, and now someone is willing to reward users for their valuable actions, which is naturally welcomed by the users. Airdrops get traffic and help OpenDAO launch future plannings.

There are imperfections, of course, the 50% of SOS tokens not used for airdrops are all in the 3 EOA wallets, without lock-in, the team has the right to handle them and authorize the release of airdrops to any wallet. It is possible that some projects will follow its example and improve it through a quick start-up of the reward plus rebuild way to launch a revolution of mass expropriation of the company in the future.


Yearly Data

Stablecoin: The total supply of stablecoin has increased to over $140 billion in 2021 from $29 billion at the beginning of 2021. And the supply of stablecoins anchored to the U.S. dollar soaring by 388%. The growth of stablecoin supply is primarily due to trading (especially derivatives) and DeFi demand.

Investment: There were more than 1,700 crypto venture capital deals in 2021, which generating approximately $25.1 billion for these startups, projects and agreements. The new data shows a 126% year-over-year increase in the number of deals and a 719% year-over-year increase in total funding compared to 2020. At least 65 companies are valued at more than $1 billion in 2021, according to the research. That's a 491% increase over a two-year period.

CEX: Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges trading volumes exceed $14 trillion in 2021, which is a significant increase of 689% compared to 2020.

DEX: Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEXs) report over $1 trillion in trading volume in 2021, a significant increase of 858% compared to 2020.

M&A: Cryptocurrency M&A deals hit an all-time high, totaling approximately $6.1 billion driven by native cryptocurrency companies, finance and technology companies. There were more than 197 M&A deals this year, up more than 130% compared to last year's 85.

Social Media Focus: Social media conversations on cryptocurrencies spiked more than 400% year-over-year in 2021, according to data analytics firm GlobalData. Google Trends data shows that the “NFT” surpassed "Crypto" and "Bitcoin" in global searches for the first time in the week of Dec. 19.

Huobi Research Institute Analysis:

The data in crypto industry of 2021 is excellent, with the continuous flow in funds, the improvement in infrastructure, the ongoing iteration in DeFi and public chains, the new tracker such as NFT and Gamefi become a household name. There will be fluctuations in the market, the data of next year may not look so good always, however, as long as the market grows mature and becomes diversified, the retracement of data possibilities will be reduced.


6.Weekly Blockchain Deals

Huobi Research Institute Analysis:

According to publicly available information, Blockchain investing and financing deals over the last week reached 40 in total, or 0.3332 billion USD in valuation, nearly 51% lower than last week.

In terms of tracks, the investment and financing was mainly focused on asset management, infrastructure, application and game. There was one funding that exceeding $100 million this week, which was the pledge service provider Figment closed a $110 million Series C round at a $1.4 billion valuation, led by Thoma Bravo with participation from Counterpoint Global, ParaFi Capital, Avon Ventures, Binance, Bitstamp, and Binance.US.

In addition, there are four funds in venture capital and ecological funds this week, with a total amount of $75 million.