LAT Listing Activity - Over 7,500,000 LAT Rewards To Be Shared!


Dear users,

Huobi Global has listed LAT on May 12th, providing more than 7.5 million LAT as rewards! Join now to earn more!

Activity I. 88,000 LAT Airdrop-Exclusive for Newly Registered Users

1. Register and Verify to Share Over 45,000 LAT prize pool

Period: From 07:00:00, May 13th to 23:59:59, May 19th (UTC)


The promotion will last for 7days, and the total prize pool is 45,500 LAT. You need to click HERE to register as a Huobi user and complete the KYC task to share the 6,500 LAT daily prize pool.
*By completing more tasks with Welcome Bonus, you can get up to $170 point cards!

2. Trade LAT to Share 8,500 LAT Every Day

Period: From 00:00:00, May 15th to 23:59:59, May 19th (UTC)


1. KYC-verified new users who register during Activity I with a daily LAT spot trading volume (buys+sells, excluding self-dealing) of at least 100 USDT are eligible for sharing 8,500 LAT per day.

2. The promotion lasts for 5 days, and the total prize pool is 42,500 LAT.


1. Rewards will be sent to the user's exchange account within 7 working days after the promotion ends.

2. Sub-accounts are excluded from this activity.

3. This activity is only available for KYC-verified users who register during the activity.

4. This activity is not available for residents in Mainland China, Japan, the United States and other restricted jurisdictions.

5. Huobi Global reserves the right of final interpretation to the promotion, and the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behaviors.

Activity II. Stake HT to Earn 7.5 Million LAT


Activity Period Max. Reward Limit (24H) Max. Staking Limit Staking Period
08:00:00 12th May - 08:00:00 22nd May (UTC) 750,000 LAT No Limit Flexible

 * Click the specified banner on the homepage to participate in the staking activity.

1. The snapshot of users' staking amount and total staking amount will be randomly taken every 24 hours since the start of the activity to calculate rewards.

2. The daily rewards in LAT will vary based on the staking amount of HT on the day.

3. Individual Staking Limit:

Staking Limit HT
Min. Staking Limit 1 HT
Max. Staking Limit 100,000 HT

Reward Calculation:

For example:
User A stakes HT from 14/05/2021 at 12:00:00 to 17/05/2021 at 07:00:00 (UTC). The snapshot will be taken three times during the lock-up period:

  • 08:00:00 on May 14th - 07:59:59 on May 15th (first snapshot)
  • 08:00:00 on May 15th - 07:59:59 on May 16th(second snapshot)
  • 08:00:00 on May 16th - 07:59:59 on May 17th(third snapshot)

Let's assume that the HT tokens staked by User A are only snapshotted by the second one, then the rewards = (User A's HT staking amount at the snapshot time/total HT staking amount at the snapshot time)*750,000

5. Rewards will be credited to users' exchange account within 7 working days after the activity ends.

6. HT staked will be automatically sent to users' Exchange accounts after the activity ends.

7. During the activity, the locked HT will be included in the snapshot.


1. Trading in newly-listed digital assets comes with higher risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before trading, please have a full understanding of all the risks and be prudent of your own decisions.

2. Huobi Global's announcement and other information are not considered investment advice. Huobi will not bear any direct or indirect losses arising from reliance on such information. Huobi does not assume responsibility for guarantees, compensation, etc. for trading or staking.

Huobi Global
May 12th, 2021


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Huobi Global reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.