“Trade ZKS To Share 150000 ZKS” Results Announcement

Dear users,

The first round of “Trade ZKS To Share 150000 ZKS” has completed.

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The following rounds will be going on in the following 8 days (including today) till 23:59 on 28th February. This announcement will release the lucky draw winner’s list of every round, and to keep it updated every day during this campaign.

Please noted that the actual rewards will be distributed in 7 working days after the end of this campaign. Winner lists here are for reference only, the final results shall be subjected to the actual rewards distribution.

The winning number of the “AKRO Trading Campaign - Round 1”

  1. The hash of the last Ethereum block before 14:00:00 (GMT+8) on 20th February, 2021 is:0xe56f261b6126d151da6e43c03c4291b524a7ab6595f3423ed30aca0b348932ff
  2. Filter the letters from the end of the value to get the string of numbers of the round on 11th February:0562616126151643034291524765953423300348932

 The winning list will be announced tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.


  1. The promotion is limited to KYC-verified parent accounts. Failure to pass the real-name certification before the end of the campaign is considered as abandoning the qualification for winning.
  2. Huobi Global reserves the right to cancel or amend any campaign or campaign rules at our sole discretion.
  3. Huobi Global reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior.


Huobi Global

20th February, 2021