How to Deposit EUR via AdvCash?

To deposit EUR via AdvCash, please follow these steps:


Step 1 

Visit Huobi Global, log in to your account.


Step 2

Go to “Balance” - “Exchange Account”.


Step 3

Select “Deposit-Exchange” and search for EUR, click “Deposit”.


Step 4

You will see a pop-up window for KYC verification if you have not completed it yet. Follow the guidance and complete verification. 3.3.2 How to Complete KYC Verification for Depositing and Withdrawing RUB Balance?


Step 5

Once the verification is done, go back to the deposit page. Choose [AdvCash Balance] as the payment method, input the amount of EUR to be deposited, and confirm the order details.



Step 6

The page will redirect to the payment page(AdvCash page), follow the instructions, and complete the payment.



After completing the payment, click Already Paid. Your deposit order is submitted.




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