Huobi Inno Hub Will Launch BADGER on 2021/01/20

Dear users,

Huobi Global will launch BADGER (Badger DAO) in Inno Hub on January 20th, 2021. The holding limit of a single project of each account is 50,000 USDT equivalents of tokens, and there is no holding limit for API trading, insiders and above (Huobi VIP). Please see details below:

  • Open BADGER deposits at 14:00 on January 20th (UTC+8); 【Deposit Now >>>】
  • Open BADGER spot trading (BADGER/USDT, BADGER/BTC, BADGER/ETH) at 20:00 on January 20th (UTC+8);
  • Open BADGER withdrawals at 14:00 on January 21th (UTC+8).
  • Opening precaution: Huobi Global will limit the listed price to limited order within 5 minutes after opening trading, and the price shall not be more than 5 times of the opening price, and the normal trading will resume after that.

Project Introduction:

Badger Finance is a community DAO, focused on bringing Bitcoin to DeFi. The DAO's debut products are Sett, a yield aggregator, and Digg, a BTC-pegged elastic supply currency.


Tradingin digital assetscomes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations.Before trading, please have a full understandingof all the risks and be prudent of yourown decisions.

Huobi Global
January 20th, 2021


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