Innovative Optional Mode Service Agreement

Important Note

These Rules are applicable to the selection of Optional mode ads for transactions between the user and the merchant on the Huobi OTC Platform (the “Platform”). Once the user chooses Optional mode ads, both the user and the merchant shall comply with these Rules. These Rules are legally binding upon both the buyer and the seller.


Article I Service Description

You confirm and agree that: by choosing Optional mode ads and clicking “Order” or matching “Optional mode” ads and clicking “Confirm Purchase”, you shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with these Rules and these Rules shall be binding upon you.


Article II Business Rules

2.1 Optional mode ads refer to special types of ads that the merchant chooses to set independently. If you choose Optional mode ads and click “Order” or you match “Optional mode ads” and click “Confirm Purchase”, your order will be matched to Optional mode ads. The merchant will choose whether to reject your order according to its communication with you. If the merchant confirms to accept an order, the order will enter the final stage of trading; if the merchant refuses an order, the order will terminate. If the merchant doesn’t confirm to accept an order, you may independently choose to cancel the order and such cancellation shall not be included into the number of cancellations on the same day.

2.2 You need to comply with the OTC Transaction Rules while trading.


Article III Exemption and Limitation

3.1 During the whole transaction process, the Platform will not participate in the transaction communication between you and the merchant. In case of any problem arising from the transaction process, both parties shall solve the problem by themselves through consultation. The Platform shall not be jointly and severally liable for any problems arising therefrom and neither party shall hold the Platform accountable for this purpose.

3.2 You shall undertake to comply with the relevant trading rules of the Platform and ensure that your transaction behaviors are genuine and free of cheating. If you deliberately forge data by cheating such as brushing orders, the related parties shall have the rights to report and complain to the Platform or require the Platform to verify and take measures against you, including but not limited to limitations on transactions. You confirm that you will not hold the Platform accountable for any loss or influence caused to you by the above measures.


Article IV Miscellaneous

These Rules shall come into effect as of the date of promulgation and shall be modified or improved from time to time. The contents modified or improved shall take effect for you as of the date of promulgation.



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