Huobi Global Weekly Operation Report (2020.12.25-2021.01.01)

Weekly Events

Huobi Global Safety Operation

Huobi Saw Net Inflow Of 22K BTC For Two Weeks

Citing data from ChainsMap,

Huobi saw a net inflow of 12,545.45 BTC from Dec 14 to Dec 20,

9,449.56 BTC from Dec 21 to Dec 27

The BTC net inflow reports approximately 22,000 BTC

On Huobi for two weeks


Huobi Announces 10 Polkadot Sponsors

December 31,

Huobi announced the first 10 “Polkadot Sponsors”

Who can recommend the Polkadot ecological projects

After assessment, the projects can go live in Huobi Polkadot ecological zone 


Huobi Operations Express

The latest updates of the week

New Campaign with 22 Mln LINA to Be Shared

December 29,

Users staking HT in the 1st week of the campaign

Can share 11 million LINA

Users staking LINA in the second week

Can share 11 million LINA

APY of staking HT reaches up to 34.78%

APY of staking LINA reaches up to 267.67%


Huobi Global Rolls Out “HBTC Gold Mining” Campaign

December 31,

Huobi provided 800 BTC for DeFi liquidity mining

The mining rewards will be given back to participators


BTC & USDT Staking Products Launched With 6% APY

December 29,

Huobi Pool launched staking products of BTC and USDT

User can earn rewards in staked coins and HPT by staking BTC or USDT


HODL NHBTC To Get ETH Airdrops With 143% APY

As of January 1,

Earn ETH airdrops by holding NHBTC

APY reaches up to 143%


HODL NEST To Get ETH Airdrops With 21% APY

As of January 1,

Hold NEST and get ETH airdrops

APY reaches up to 21%


Huobi Adds 1INCH To USDT-Margined Swaps

December 29,

Huobi launched 1INCH on USDT-margined Swaps.

Up to now, Huobi USDT-margined Swaps has covered 44 major coins.



Weekly Data

Over 9.5 billion USDT         Platform user assets on chains

Over 50.0 billion USDT       Spot Trading Volume

Over 76.0 billion USDT       Futures Trading Volume

Over 85.3 billion USDT       USDT-Swaps Trading Volume

Over 76.5 billion USDT       Swap Trading Volume

Over 34.9 million USDT      Futures Options Trading Volume


BTC Hits A New High at $29,400

BTC recorded a new high on January 1

It went up by 19.07% compared to the previous week

BTC price fluctuated around $29,200 on January 1


ETH Hits A New High At $758

ETH recorded a new high on December 31

It went up by 13.3% compared to the previous week

ETH price fluctuated around $740 on on January 1