HTX Will Support ONX Airdrop for ANKR Holders

Dear users,

HTX will support ANKR (Ankr Network) airdrop for ONX (OnX) holders. Details are as follows:

1. Snapshot Time: The airdrop snapshot will take place at the ETH block height of 11,513,500 (approximately at 10:04 AM on December 24th, 2020 (UTC+8)).

2. Minimum holding amount: 100 ANKR (balances or trade orders ≥ 100 ANKR) 

3. Snapshot Scope: HTX Exchange Account (The ANKR holdings of all sub-accounts are included in the corresponding parent accounts). Executed Sell Orders, Uncredited Deposits and Completed Withdrawals will not be counted at the time of the snapshot.

4. Distribution Ratio: We will distribute ONX tokens at a ratio of 10,000 ANKR=1 ONX after receiving it (You will receive 1 ONX for every 10,000 ANKR you hold). The opening time of ONX withdrawals will be notified via other announcements.

5. Trading Related: HTX has a standardized listing process. Whether to open the trading of ONX is subject to HTX's follow-up plans and announcements.

6. Click for more: OnX Finance Introduction&ONX Airdrop to ANKR Holders

December 22nd, 2020


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