Huobi Futures Pioneer Recruitment Officially Starts (2nd Term)

Huobi Futures now launches Huobi Futures Pioneer Recruitment Plan (2nd term). The registration channel has been opened currently. Those who are willing to join could [click to register] now. Our staff will get in touch with you within 5 working days.


1. Qualifications

KOLs from mainstream social platforms such as Telegram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are qualified to join Huobi Futures Pioneer. Anyone who manages a social media platform or enthusiastic about futures trading can also join us.


2. Rights and Interests

  • Tiered basic rewards: minimum 200USDT per month, pioneers with excellent performance can acquire a basic reward up to 500USDT/per month;
  • Special rebate: available to enjoy a 60% transaction fee rebate permanently on Huobi Futures;
  • Quarterly bonus: pioneers with level above L2 can join to share $10,000 quarterly bonus.


3. Responsibilities

  • Help to educate novice users of Huobi Futures (eg: give them guidance on registration and trading);
  • Assist in promoting related activities for Huobi Futures;
  • Actively publicize, promote and maintain the brand image of Huobi Futures.


4. Basic Reward and Bonus


Transaction fee rebate in contract trading

Basic reward/month

Quarterly Bonus



200 USDT

Huobi Futures Pioneers with level equal to or above L2 can join to grab $10,000 bonus.


250 USDT


300 USDT


350 USDT


500 USDT


5. Special Notes

- Huobi Futures adopts the principle of voluntary registration. After screening, qualified Pioneers will be admitted by Huobi Futures. [click here for registration]

- For Huobi Futures Pioneers who make inappropriate comments during employment that affect the image of Huobi and cause bad social impact, Huobi Futures shall directly cancel their qualifications and reserve the right to pursue related responsibilities.

- Huobi Futures reserves the right of final interpretation to this event. Huobi Futures shall disqualify user’s participation if any malicious behavior is detected.