Notification on the Launch of WOO, PHA and RVN USDT-margined Swaps on Huobi Futures

Dear valued users,

Huobi Futures will launch WOO, PHA and RVN USDT-margined swaps at 14:00 on Mar. 4, 2021 (GMT+8). Using stablecoin USDT as the margin currency, these swaps support bi-directional trading and up to 75x leverage. The corresponding elements of each USDT-margined swaps are as below:

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Huobi Futures will launch more swaps in the follow-up work, please stay tuned.

Risk Reminder: Digital asset derivatives are innovative investment products with price fluctuates greatly. Trading digital asset derivatives carry a high level of risk. Please rationally judge your investment ability and make decisions prudently.

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Huobi Futures
Mar. 3, 2021