Kava 5 Launch Trading Campaign - Tesla Model Y and $20,000 in KAVA to be Won!

Dear users,

To celebrate the launch of Kava 5, Huobi Global will launch a KAVA trading campaign, providing a Tesla Model Y and $20,000 in KAVA!

Campaign Period: 16:00, March 3rd - 16:00, March 12th (UTC+8)

Campaign Rules:

1. The user with the highest spot trading volume of KAVA during the campaign period will win a Tesla Model Y (approx $50,000). 

2. Users who ranked 2nd to 20th will share $20,000 in KAVA based on their spot trading volume.

* Trading volume counts both buys and sells, excluding self-trading across all KAVA spot trading pairs.

1st place Tesla Model Y$50,000 in KAVA
2nd place$6,000 in KAVA
3rd place$4,000 in KAVA
4th-20th placeShare $10,000 in KAVA



1. The KAVA team supports replacing the Tesla Model Y with an equivalent reward in KAVA.

2. Huobi Global will use the average closing price of KAVA/USDT on Huobi during the campaign period for the reward distribution.

3. This campaign is only available for KYC-verified users. Failure to complete the KYC verification before the end of the campaign shall invalidate any of your rewards.

4. The trading volume in sub-accounts will be credited to the trading volume in parent accounts for the final calculation. Rewards will be distributed to your Exchange accounts within 7 days after the campaign ends.

5. Huobi Global reserves the right to the final explanation of the campaign.

6. Huobi Global reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behaviors.

Huobi Global

March 3rd, 2021