WEEKLY OPERATION REPORT (2020.11.27-12.03)

Weekly Events

Huobi Invests 5 Million USDT Fund to Support Polkadot Ecosystem

On December 4th, Huobi Inno Labs officially announced a 5 million USDT worth of investment towards the Polkadot Ecosystem Support Fund to promote the Ecosystem. The fund mainly provides sponsorship to the developers, event organizers, content creators, and ambassadors of the Polkadot Ecosystem who plan to make contributions to the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Sponsorship is available through the official mail application.

[email protected]


Huobi Global support ETH2.0 proof-of-stake

As of 4th December,

23,374ETH staked through Huobi ETH2.0 One Click stake,

its APY may reach to 6% to 30%,

Huobi Global will open BETH's transaction at any opportunity according to the network status.



Huobi Wallet was elected TRON superdelegate

On 3rd of December,

Huobi wallet has been elected as the superdelegat by TORN.

Huobi wallet provides the block out and package transactions,

And to participate in TORN management as the superdelegate.


Huobi Operations Express

The latest updates of the week

Refer Friends to Share BTC at Huobi

From 2nd December, 2020 to 10th January, 2021, invite friends to deposit and trade crypto on Huobi Global to earn credits, and to share 60,000 USDT equivalent of BTC.



23,000 USDT Giveaway to Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Huobi Futures

To Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Huobi Futures,

Huobi started “Stake BTC/ETH to Earn” Campaign.

Providing 50,000,000 USDT equivalent of digital assets,

90% stakes were completed in first 20 hours of the campaign,

APY is around 10%.



Stake BETH with APY 117.42%

3rd December

Huobi Global Launched SOL (Solana).

Starting with “Deposit, Trade and Stake ETH/BETH to earn” campaign,

Stake BETH with APY 117.42%.



HOLD WOO to share 8,500,000 WOO

Huobi Global has launched “WOO Reward Program” campaign.

Users who HOLD ≥200 WOO can share 8,500,000 WOO.



Nerve mining with APY 10.76%

Nerve Network (NVT,Nerve) now supports staking HT to mine on Nerve mainet of POS.

APY is about 10.76%.


Huobi USDT-margined swaps launched about 6 new assets including XLM

4th December,

Huobi Futures launched XLM、XTZ、XMR、NEO、ALGO and VET for USDT-margined swaps

So far, Huobi USDT-margined swaps have covered 32 assets including BTC and ETH.



Weekly Data

Over 7.66 billion USDT       Platform user assets on chains

Over 39.3 billion USDT       Spot Trading Volume

Over 32.6 billion USDT       Futures Trading Volume

Over 22 billion USDT          USDT-Swaps Trading Volume

Over 38.7 billion USDT       Swap Trading Volume

Over 11.02 million USDT    Futures Options Trading Volume


BTC hits a new high at $19,888

BTC hits a new high this week, and rallies the highest at 2.03%,

However, it hit a low at $18,100.

BTC reached $19,000 on 5th December.


ETH breakthrough $635

1st December

ETH hits a new high and rallies the highest at 2.03%,

However, it hit a low at $563.

ETH reached $590 again on 5th of December.