Huobi Global Introduces Polkadot Sponsorship To Community

Dear Community,

To support the better development of the Polkadot Ecology globally, Huobi Global launches Polkadot Sponsorship. The sponsor can recommend the Polkadot Ecological project to Huobi Global, and the recommended project can be put online in the Polkadot ecological zone of Huobi Global after it passes the assessment. While the sponsor is entitled all kinds of rights, it also undertakes the responsibility of discovering and screening quality projects. The sponsor is not only the bridge between the Huobi and the Polkadot community, but also the important partners.

View Polkadot Sponsorship Details below :

I. What qualifications do you need to be a sponsor?

1. Complete and pass Huobi verification;

2. Hold at least 300,000 DOT in your Huobi Global account, of which 150,000 DOT can be locked in as asset certificates;

3. Professional investment experience in Polkadot projects(including Polkadot) is required;

4. Having a good investment record, and a good personal or institutional credit record will be a plus

II. How to become a sponsor?

1. Apply and sent it to email: [email protected]. Huobi Global will be complete the verification in 5 working days.;

2. Lock 150,000 DOT as asset certificates;

3. Maximum of 10 sponsors will be taken for once, and the sponsor list will be updated once in 3 months.

4. Applicants who could not make it for sponsorship at the first round will be automatically placed in the sponsor candidate pool.


Information required for the application as below:

  • Individual

1) Applicant's Name

2) Applicant's Huobi UID

3) Applicant Contact

4) Nationality

5) ID type: Resident ID Card/ Passport

6) ID Number

7) Photo of holding ID card (photo format: JPG PNG, photo definition over 200KB)

8) Description of professional investment experience in Polkadot projects

  • Organization User

1) Entity Name:

2) Domicil:

3) Registration number:

4) Legal representative:

5) Contact person:

6) Contact number:

7) Organization registration certificate photo (photo format: JPG PNG, photo definition over 200KB):

9) Description of professional investment experience in Polkadot projects

III. Sponsor rights and interests

1. Officially named as Huobi sponsor for Polkadot project;

2. Propose a maximum of 2 Polkadot eco-projects per month;

3. Precedence of proposal assessment;

4. Attend summit held by Huobi Global, such as the Huobi Annual Conference;

5. Join in project roadshow and connect project resources;

6. Participate in screening a large number of projects through Huobi Global, reaching more high-quality project sources;

7. Participate in the blockchain-related topics sharing meeting organized by Huobi Investment & Huobi Research Institute;

8. Join in offline industry meeting regularly ;

9. Other rights and interests

IV. ObligationA

Select and recommend excellent Polkadot Projects

V. Cancellation of the Sponsorship

1. The sponsor is an important hub connecting Huobi global station and Polkadot ecological community. If there is any behavior that damages the Huobi brand or damages the interests of Huobi users, the sponsor qualification will be canceled directly.

2. The number of sponsors will constantly remain as 10, and the ranking is based on the comprehensive quality score of sponsors' qualifications and recommended projects. And the elimination system will be implemented. The missing seats are selected successively from the sponsor candidates

3. The sponsor has the right to apply for the cancellation of the sponsor qualification on its initiative. And the recommended projects will no longer participate in the online selection of Huobi Global, and the assets will be unlocked within T+7 days from the date of the cancellation of the sponsor qualification.

VI. How will projects be set up?

step1:Submit the project - the sponsor may propose a maximum of 2 Polkadot eco-projects per month

step2:Screening - Huobi Global will screen projects at first.

step3:Assessment - Huobi Global will assess the project and rate it.

step4:Launching - Huobi Global will schedule and launch projects that have passed the online rating. If the projects fail to pass the online rating, they will enter the project observation pool and wait for re-rating or cancel the online rating

Huobi Polkadot Ecological sponsorship aims to invite more excellent Polkadot users and Huobi to jointly explore high-quality projects in the ecology, and cooperate in the spirit of promoting the development of the blockchain industry. You are welcome to submit your application for Polkadot ecological sponsorship. 

Huobi Global

4th December 2020