Rule Update of Withdrawal Limit at Huobi

Dear users,

In order to optimize the user's withdrawal experience, Huobi Global will update the rule of withdrawal limit on 2021/02/23 as follows: "Set 24H cumulative withdrawal limit for all currencies".

After the update, the system will convert the withdrawal limits of all currencies into BTC. Within 24 hours, the total withdrawal of all currencies cannot exceed the corresponding limit.

  • For verified users (ID verification): 100 BTC (24H)
  • For unverified users (ID verification): 1 BTC (24H)


  • In order to reduce risks, some special currencies (such as currencies without real-time prices) will retain the single currency withdrawal limit.
  • If your trading behavior triggers the platform's risk control, the platform will have the right to reduce your withdrawal limit in accordance with relevant rules such as User Agreement.


Thank you for your continued support and we assure you of our best services at all times.

Huobi Global
February 23rd, 2021