ZKS (ZKSwap) Introduction

1. Brief Introduction

ZKSwap is a token Swap protocol based on Automated Market Maker (AMM), which makes Ethereum users could access ZKSwap’s service permissionlessly. Through zkRollup technology, the full set of swap functions are implemented in Layer-2, while providing unlimited scalability and privacy. ZKSwap provides liquidity providers and traders with ultar-high throughput Swap infrastructure, and users don’t need to pay any Gas fee.

2. Detailed Introduction

ZKSwap is a brand-new Swap protocol based on zkRollup technology. Through zkRollup technology, all tokens on Ethereum Layer-1 can be transferred to Layer2, and the consistent state of Layer1 and Layer2 is guaranteed based on continuously generated zero-knowledge proofs. This solution allows all exchanges to happen on Layer 2, achieving real-time swap with zero gas fees, unlimited scalability, removing the constraint from the Ethereum’s TPS, and block confirmation time. The user no longer has to wait for the block confirmation time for each transaction. ZKSwap enables a DEX to provide the smooth user experience of a centralized exchange (CEX) while allowing the users to have full custody over their funds. ZKS is the token issued by ZKSwap project, with a max supply of 1 billion, 60% of the total supply would be used as incentives for users and rewards for early participates.

3. Token Allocation

  • 60%: Community Mining
  • 15%: ZKSwap Team
  • 8%: Ecosystem Developers and Ecosystem Growth
  • 6.7%: Angel Investors
  • 5.3%: Potential A Round Investors
  • 4%: Initial Liquidity
  • 1%: Advisors

4. Token Information and Release Schedule

  • Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 ZKS
  • Circulating Supply: 80,000,000 ZKS ( Updated on 2021/02/18)
  • Private Round Price: 0.025 USDT/ZKS
  • Price for Initial Liquidity: 0.075 USDT/ZKS

Token Lock-up plan and release plan

  • 60% of ZKS total supply would be allocated to community by airdrop and mining. The total incentive plan would happen in 4 years, including varieties of minings, such as Proof of Gas, Proof of Liquidity, Proof of Trading, and so on. 40 million of ZKS has airdropped to early participants.
  • 15% of ZKS would be allocated to ZKSwap team. This would be locked up for a year after ZKSwap launched its mainnet, and vesting for three years after the lockup.
  • 8% of ZKS is reserved for developers and participants in the ecosystem. This part would be vesting for 4 years.
  • 6.7% of ZKS is allocated to Angel investors. 30% of this part would be unlock after ZKS listed on a major exchange, the rest 70% would be locked up for three months after that, and vesting for 6 months.
  • 5.3% of ZKS is reserved for potential A round investors. This round would be decided by all token holders, after one year of ZKSwap mainnet launch.
  • 1% of ZKS is allocated to advisors, vesting for 3 years.

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