Announcement on the Trading Resumption of BCH Futures and Swaps

Dear valued users,

Huobi Futures will resume the trading of BCH/USD futures, BCH/USD swaps and BCH/USDT swaps at 11:00 on Nov. 16. The index composition is the same as that of BitcoinCash before the hard fork. Due to the fact that there are many uncertainties after the hard fork of BitcoinCash, we’ll make a further announcement on the resumption time if there is any change.

BCH/USD futures and BCH/USD swaps are coin-margined swaps that use BCH as the margin; BCH/USDT swaps are USDT-margined swaps that use the stablecoin USDT as the margin. All of these contracts  support bi-directional trading and up to 75x leverage. Please refer to the below charts for the key elements of these contracts.

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Risk Reminder: Digital asset derivatives are innovative investment products with price fluctuates greatly. Trading digital asset derivatives carries a high level of risk. Please rationally judge your investment ability and make decisions prudently.

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Huobi Futures

Nov. 16, 2020