Adjustment On The 6th Referral Program: Refer To Share 100,000 USDT, Get 2-Year 30% Rebates

Dear users,

Starting from February 7th to March 14th, besides sharing 100,000 USDT in the 6th referral program, users who refer friends to Huobi can enjoy 2-year 30% rebates with an individual rebate cap of 5,000 USDT. 

*Check rebate rules: Invitation Program Instruction 

The previous referral rules in the 6th referral program remain unchanged.

Campaign Period: 10:00, February 7th - 10:00, March 14th (UTC+8)

* Users who referred friends from February 4th to February 6th can still share the 100,000 USDT rewards.

Campaign Rules:

- Participators can get points to share a 100,000 USDT prize pool when their referred friends complete specified tasks during the campaign.

- All participators can share 80,000 USDT in total according to the proportion of individual points to the overall points;

- Besides sharing above 80,000 USDT, the Top 20 referees who earn the most points will share the rest 20,000 USDT.

About Point:

- Referral Point: You will get 1 referral point (a maximum of 800 points) when your friend completes KYC verification with a net deposit of at least 20 USDT.

- Trading Point: You will get 1 trading point (a maximum of 50 points) for every 1,000 USDT of trading volume completed by you or your friends during the campaign.

- Booster Point: 50% of the trading points you gained through your friends’ transactions will be awarded to you as booster points.

* Individual Point=Trading Point+ Referral Point + Booster Point

* The 80,000 USDT reward will be distributed based on the proportion of individual points to the overall points

Point Ranking: The Top 20 referees who earn the most points can win or share rewards as below (20,000 USDT in total):


Rewards in USDT (per person)

1st place

4,000 USDT

2nd place

3,000 USDT

3rd place

2,000 USDT

4th-10th place

1,000 USDT

11th-15th place

500 USDT

16th-20th place

300 USDT

* When multiple users’ points are the same, the ranking would be determined by the trading volume of friends referred.

Terms & Conditions

- Rewards will be distributed within two weeks after the campaign ends.

- Huobi Global reserves the right to the final explanation of the campaign.

- Huobi Global reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior.

Huobi Global

Feb 7th, 2021