Heco Airdrop Week Announcement

Dear users,

Huobi Eco Chain Heco officially unites 12 projects of LAVAswap, BeeSwap, Channels, BasisX, Lendhub, FilDA, NFT-HERO, EarnDeFi, MDEX, CROSS, BAGS, and DMEX to hold 1 million "Heco Airdrop Week" campaign.

Activity Rules:

Huobi Eco Chain Heco has jointly launched airdrop campaign with the above 12 projects. During this activity, users can receive airdrops according to the rules issued by each project. A total of 12 airdrops initiated by 2-3 projects a day. Airdrops are independent of each other, users can participate in any of them. Users can view 'Heco Airdrop week' schedule and learn more about airdrops and rules on DeFibox.com.

Upcoming Airdrops:

  • February 4 - LAVAswap
  • February 5 - BeeSwap, Channels
  • February 6 - BasisX, Lendhub
  • February 7 - FilDA, NFT-HERO
  • February 8 - EarnDeFi, MDEX
  • February 9 - CROSS, BAGS, DMEX

Activity Time: 04-09/02/2021

Partner platform for 'Heco Aidrop Week':


Partner wallets for 'Heco Aidrop Week' campaign:

Huobi Wallet、CodeBank、BitKeep、TokenPocket、Bitpie、ONTO、Hyperpay、MetaMask、 Dappbirds

Partner media for 'Heco Aidrop Week' campaign:



Risk Reminder:

1. Huobi Eco-Chain Heco will publish airdrops information through the official platform, users should check it carefully to avoid losses caused by false information.

2. All users can participate in Heco airdrop activities free of charge.

3. Heco is this activity organizer, the right to interpret the specific activities belongs to the project party.

4. Heco reminds users to be wary of projects that use airdrops to attract funds in disguise. If you find such cases, immediately report to the official website.

5. Airdrops initiated by projects not included in the active list are all autonomous behaviors, and users are requested to participate with caution.

6. For more details check the official website (www.hecochain.com), to avoid being scammed.

For more details, please visit: https://www.defibox.com/redEnvelope?utm_source=1583937

Huobi Global
February 4th, 2021