Announcement on the Handling of "ST" for Cred (LBA)

To promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, for Cred (LBA) which meets the terms of 12(3) and 13 (2) of Token Administration Regulations of Huobi:

Article 12 Regular Review Huobi reserves the right to carry out regular or irregular reviews of project teams, the contents of which include, but are not limited to, the following:

(3) Other factors that may affect the token prices, such as the changes of the token holdings of the teams or other major holders, the fulfillment of the commitment to lock tokens, etc.;

Article 13 Special Investigation Huobi may launch a special investigation in accordance with the following circumstances.

(2) The news media report that project teams are suspected of the circumstances specified in Article 12, project teams have not made any reply, or the reply is not sufficient to overturn the circumstances specified in Article 12;

According to the synthetic evaluation, Huobi Global will conduct ST processing for Cred (LBA) pass on November 11, 2020 (Singapore time). Please note that the If there is “ST” marked in the transaction pair list of the token, it will be considered that the project party has the abnormal behavior mentioned in accordance with Token Administration Regulations of Huobi, and the platform will conduct ST processing on it, so as to alert users to the risk.

Huobi will continue to follow up the progress of PC. If the Article 17, the Cancellation of "ST", is met, Huobi shall have the right to cancel the "ST" in accordance with the seriousness of the cases. If any of the processing criteria of Article 18 Handling of Hiding Trading Pairs is met, Huobi shall have the right to hide the trading pair in accordance with its seriousness.

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Risk Reminders:

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