Huobi Global Weekly Operation Report (2021.01.22-01.29)

Weekly Events

Huobi Global Safety Operation

The Amount of HUSD in Circulation Exceeds $400 Mln

The HUSD stablecoin has exceeded $400 mln in circulation,

and its cumulative issuance reports more than 3.85 bln,

both of which hit a new high

Now HUSD ranks 4th among all stablecoins


Huobi Global Launches Earnings

Huobi Earnings was launched on Jan 26th,

which mainly includes Flexible Earnings and Fixed Earnings

Besides, three campaigns are going on with large profits for participators


HECO Occupies the 1st Place Among Global Public Chains

As of Feb 1st, HECO has deployed over 55 Dapps,

with more than 1.80 mln addresses

Moreover, its main assets have reached $1.422 bln


Huobi Operations Express

The latest updates of the week

Three Campaigns Are Underway to Celebrate the Launch of Earnings

With the upgrade of Wealth Management, Huobi Global launched Earnings recently,

and carried out three campaigns with large profits for users

Campaign I: Earn High Interests With Limited Subscriptions

Campaign II:  Earn 1% More Interest Rate With Flexible Earnings

Campaign III: Earn Triple Interest With Fixed Earnings


Huobi Global Launches IOTX, Providing 28 mln IOTX as Rewards

Huobi Global launched IOTX (IoTeX) on Jan 28th, with three promotions underway

Users who deposit, Trade, and Stake HT&IOTX can share 28 mln IOTX


Win 100,000 MDX by Join Listing Activities of MDX, with up to 400% APY

Huobi Global launched MDX on Jan 24th,

providing 100,000 MDX as rewards

Users who deposit, Trade, and Stake MDX can share 100,000 IOTX


Stake DOT to Earn Rewards with 13.5% APY

Huobi Global started the "DOT Stake To Earn DOT Reward" campaign on Jan 27th,

with APY reaching up to 13.5%


Huobi Global Adds Seven Coins to USDT-Margined Swaps

On Jan 29th, seven coins such as BAL, ZEN, MANA, AKRO, SAND, BAGS and MASS

were launched on USDT-margined Swaps.

Up to now, Huobi USDT-margined Swaps has covered 64 major coins.



Weekly Data

Over 11.7 billion USDT        Platform user assets on chains

Over 75.1 billion USDT        Spot Trading Volume

Over 75.5 billion USDT        Futures Trading Volume

Over 140.7 billion USDT      USDT-Swaps Trading Volume

Over 82.6 billion USDT        Swap Trading Volume

Over 58.58 million USDT     Futures Options Trading Volume


BTC Rises to $38,538

BTC climbed to $38,538 on Jan 29th,

up 28.46% compared to the previous week

BTC price fluctuated around $34,000 on Jan 31st


ETH Rises to $1,436

ETH recorded a new high on Jan 29th,

basically the same as last week's highest price

ETH price fluctuated around $1,360 on Jan 31st