Huobi Mall Will Be Open to Purchase Filecoin Full Packaging Computing Power

Dear users,

Filecoin full packaging computing power will be put on sale in Huobi Mall at 16:00 (GMT+8) on February 1, 2021. The "Filecoin full packaging computing power" product is a Filecoin hardware rental and software management service business launched by Huobi Mall, which aims to provide users with a safe, transparent, reliable and convenient channel to participate in IPFS mining. For details, please visit the official website:


The product specific information is as follows:

1. Sales time:

Limited time sale from 16:00 on February 1, 2021 (Singapore time) to 16:00 on February 8, 2021.

2. Product description:

  • Pre-pledging coins in Huobi Mall;
  • No encapsulation and filling period. On the excavation day on February 9th, the revenue will be calculated with 1TiB effective storage.

3. Contract period:

540 days, until expiry.

4. Product type:

IPFS full packaging computing power leasing service, starting at 1TiB, purchase more to enjoy discounts;

  • 1T / 938U / 540 days
  • 5T / 4596U / 540 days
  • 20T / 17822U / 540 days

5. Purchase method:

Log in to Huobi Mall official website: to place an order. The minimum sales volume of this product is 1TB;
This issue of Filecoin full packaging computing power products only supports USDT for purchase.

6. Revenue distribution:

  • The revenue of this product is distributed in the form of Filecoin. The calculation of the computing power will start on the second day (T+1, ie February 9, 2021) after the end of the sale. The third day (T+2, ie February 10, 2021) is the first settlement revenue. The revenue will continue to accumulate, which will be released on T+40 (that is, March 20) day, and then distributed on a daily basis.
  • Distribution details: the first-phase revenue distribution time is March 20, 2021, when the revenue settled from February 10 to March 20 will be distributed; the second-phase revenue distribution time is March 21, 2021 , And so on, until the day before August 3, 2022 (the 541st day), that is, the day after revenue distribution on August 2, 2022 (540 days); the last revenue distribution is January 30, 2023 Day (the 721st day), when the cumulative linear revenue settled from the 541th day to the 720th day (180 days in total) is distributed at one time. Provided that mainnet issuance rules are changed, it will be released according to the changed mainnet rules.

7. Technical service fee:

Huobi Mall charges a technical service fee (20%) for the output during the 540-day normal contract period. The technical service fee rate accounts for 20% of the total revenue per day, and is deducted from the output of the day in Filecoin, covering: IDC computer room operation and maintenance costs, mining machine deployment and maintenance, technical services, labor costs, etc.

Huobi Mall official website:

Add official assistants of Huobi Mall: huobimall02, huobimall03


  1. Since investment is risky and please be cautious when entering the market;
  2. Currency fluctuations will affect revenue;
  3. Difficulty fluctuations will affect mined coin amount.
  4. The final interpretation of this event belongs to Huobi Pool.

Huobi Mall
February 1st, 2021