Huobi Global Weekly Operation Report (2021.01.15-01.22)

Weekly Events

Huobi Global Safety Operation

30 Days of 0% Trading Fee on HUSD Zone

From Jan 22 to Feb 20,

Huobi Global is conducting the “30 Days of 0% Trading Fee on HUSD Zone” promotion,

covering USDT/HUSD, PAX/HUSD, USDC/HUSD, and TUSD/HUSD trading pairs

Upon the end of the promotion, trading fee rates will return to normal


Major Coins Locked on HECO Exceed $780 Mln

As of Jan 19,

major coins locked on HECO has reached $788 million

HECO sees a daily transaction volume of over 340,000,

more than 1.63 million non-zero address and 44 deployed DApps

HECO ranks 1st among public chains of exchanges

regarding locked major assets, active users, and development progress


HT Records A New High, Rising To $6.20

According to Huobi Global, HT rose sharply to $6.20 on Jan 19,

recording a historical high


Huobi Operations Express

The latest updates of the week

Stake FIL, Earn Eight times HPT and More FIL Airdrops

Huobi Pool launched "Staking FIL, Earn 8 times HPT and More FIL Airdrop" on Jan 18

Users who take the lock-up plan (7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days) to lock FIL

can enjoy eight times HPT reward, as well as the FIL airdrop


The 5th Discount Point Card Program Launched

To further reduce the trading cost for users, Huobi Global launched

the 5th Discount Point Card program on Jan 20

Users can enjoy up to 60% discount


Huobi Global Launches MASS

Huobi Global launched MASS on Jan 21

Users who stake HT for seven days can share 1.12 million MASS


Huobi Inno Hub Launches REEF, Provides 19.10 Mln REEF Rewards

Huobi Global launched REEF (Reef Finance) in Inno Hub on Jan 22,

providing multiple activities with up to 19.10 million REEF as rewards


Huobi Futures Adds Another 8 Coins For USDT-margined Swaps

Huobi Futures added another 8 coins for USDT-margined Swaps on Jan 20, including


Now the USDT-margined Swaps has covered 57 major coins covering BTC and ETH



Weekly Data

Over 11.20 billion USDT       Platform user assets on chains

Over 81.70 billion USDT       Spot Trading Volume

Over 89.70 billion USDT       Futures Trading Volume

Over 134.30 billion USDT     USDT-Swaps Trading Volume

Over 94.00 billion USDT       Coin-Margined Swap Trading Volume

Over 445.40 million USDT    Futures Options Trading Volume


BTC Swings Around $30,000

BTC dropped to $28,800 on Jan 21

It went down by 28.44.% compared to the top price in the previous week

BTC price fluctuated around $30,000 on Jan 22


ETH Hits A New High of $1,439

ETH set a new high on Jan 20, up 6.74% compared to the top price in the previous week

ETH price fluctuated around $1,100 on Jan 22