Coin-margined Futures Bonus: Complete Tasks to Grab 100,000USD!

Activity time: 11:00 on Jan. 25, 2021-23: 59 on Feb. 3, 2021(GMT+8)


PC: Log in to and click the banner “Coin-margined Futures Bonus-Complete tasks to grab $100,000!” on the homepage.
APP: Open Huobi APP and click “Futures Bonus” or banner “Coin-margined Futures Bonus: Trade to Grab $100,000!”


ActivitySign up during the activity and complete designated tasks below to earn corresponding points. The higher cumulative points you get, the more awards you can obtain. $100,000ETH is waiting for you! (Note: Points will be counted on Calendar day)


Task Details


Upper Limits of Points

Activation Task

Activate Huobi’s coin-margined futures account



Sharing Task

Click the sharing button on the activity page and share the activity poster to social media (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter)



Trading Amount Task

Daily trading amount of coin-margined futures reaches 5,000USD



Trading Days Task

Complete a daily transaction of coin-margined futures in any amount



Trading Assets Task

Complete transactions of coin-margined futures in 10 assets or above



Full Attendance Task

Complete a daily transaction of coin-margined futures for consecutive 10 days



Note: This activity is limited to coin-margined futures, and coin-margined swaps is not involved. Users can trade on optional weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly or bi-quarterly coin-margined futures to complete designed tasks of the activity.


RulesDuring the activity, users could share the activity poster and complete a transaction of coin-margined futures in any amount to get 6 points. Users with cumulative points equal to or greater than six can get a chance to grab $100,000ETH. Participants could equally share the corresponding awards with their cumulative points. Please refer to the details as below:

Cumulative Points

Awards for equally share










  1. Sub-accounts are not supported in this activity;
  2. This activity is available for coin-margined futures but not for coin-margined swaps, USDT-margined swaps and options;
  3. Trade coin-margined futures:
  4. To join this activity, users could sign up during the activity by entering the activity page and clicking the “Click to sign up” button on the above activity page;
  5. The awards will be delivered to Huobi coin-margined futures account within one week after the activity ends, please kindly note the email notification;
  6. Huobi Futures shall disqualify users’ participation if any malicious behavior is detected;
  7. Huobi Futures reserves the right of final interpretation to this event.