Huobi New Year Celebration Activities Have Now Concluded

Dear users:

Huobi New Year celebration activities have now concluded. The rewards in Activity I (Trade, Spin and Get Daily Awards) have been distributed to participators’ Exchange accounts in real-time. The "Treasure Chest" prize for winners in Activity II have also been revealed on January 6th.

In total, 383 participants won "Treasure Chest" prize, please find the winner list in the attachment at the end of this announcement.

We will send emails to contact every winner in the following 24 hours, please follow the instruction in the email to get the actual prizes.


         Huobi supports the exchange between HT and the "Treasure Chest" prize. 

         The price of gifts is obtained from Amazon. Tariffs and delivery fees in Turkey are taken as the price standard due to regional differences. Details are as follows:


Price (Tariffs and Delivery Fees Included)

HT Exchange Rate (Closing Price on Jan. 6)

Exchanged HT (Amount)

iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB)








        5.02 USDT







LEGO Star Wars Episode VIII (1416 Piece)






Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones



Amazon eGift Card



Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo



RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox




Original Activity Link: Huobi New Year Celebration Activities - Over $1,000,000 Awards & Gifts Giveaway!

Thank you for your support for "Huobi New Year Celebration Activities". Enjoy your trading!


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