Huobi Global Will Transfer HT To Heco

Dear Users,

Huobi Global will transfer part of HT to Heco in the near future, and the total amount of HT (Huobi Token) will remain the same. It is planed that about 5,000,000 HT will be transfered for this time. Huobi Global will lock equal amounts of ERC20 assets on Ethereum, the address as below:

ERC20-HT locking address: 0xa929022c9107643515f5c777ce9a910f0d1e490c

The address of transferred HT will be released soon after the launch of Heco. Please stay tuned. 

Heco Introduction:Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) is a decentralized, high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain. It is the first product launched by the Huobi Open Platform. Heco is design to realize the compatibility of smart contracts on the basis of supporting high-performance transactions. HT is  the native digital asset of Huobi Eco-Chain Heco by adopting the HPOS consensus mechanism.


Huobi Global
12th December 2020



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