Bitcoin Bull Market, Refer Friends To Share BTC

Dear Users:

As Bitcoin continues to hit new highs, Huobi Global will start a campaign to share 60,000 USDT equivalent of BTC.



From 2nd December, 2020 to 10th January, 2021, invite friends to deposit and trade crypto on Huobi Global to earn credits, and to share 60,000 USDT equivalent of BTC.

How to participate?

From 2nd December, 2020 to 10th January, 2021, complete the following basic tasks to earn your credits and to get a chance to share the reward:

  1. Invite a friend to complete the KYC authentication;
  2. Complete at least 50 USDT worth of deposits.

The more friends you refer, the more Huobi credits you can earn.

About credits

  1. Trading credits: the participant can earn 1 credit every time when 1,000 USDT worth of trading orders (including spot trading and futures) are completed by the participant during the event period. The maximum limit is 100 credits.
  2. Referral credits: the inviter can get 1 credit (maximum 300 credits) every time when your invitee completes the KYC authentication and deposit 50 USDT worth of during this event period.
  3. Booster credits: Inviter can earn 50% credits based on your invitee's trading credits.

*Individual credits in total= Referral credits+Trading credits+Booster credits (50% referral’s trading credits)


This is a credits rank campaign: top 10 users who earn the most credits can win or share rewards as below:

No. 13000 USDT equivalent of BTC
No.2 to No.5Share 4000 USDT equivalent of BTC
No. 6 to No.10Share 3000 USDT equivalent of BTC

Other participants can share 50,000 USDT worth of BTC according to the percentage (Individual credits: Total credits of all) of the total credits at the end of this event.

* When multiple user credits are tied, the ranking will be calculated according to the total transaction value.

Rewards Distribution:

1. Rewards will be distributed in the following 2 weeks after the end of this event. For further more details, please stay tuned with announcement after.

2. The BTC exchange price is calculated based on the closing price on the day the event ends (January 10, 2021).


1. Any trading pairs (covering spot trading, futures and margins) are eligible for this activity. The sub-account trading amount will be credited to the parent account. 

2. This activity opens to the parent account that has passed the real-name authentication only. Users who are failed to pass the real-name authentication before the end of the activity will be regarded as the waivers of the award qualification.

3. The rules and regulations of the promotion shall be subject to Huobi’s final interpretative decision and we reserve the rights to disqualify any person who is known or suspected to be cheating or violating any rules and regulations set by Huobi.

4. Trade in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before trading, please have a full understanding of all the risks of trading in digital assets and be prudent of your own decisions.

Huobi Global
December 2, 2020