WOO Reward Program Is Launched!

Dear users,

In order to continue to give back to community users, Huobi Global will support the WOO holding reward program. All users who hold WOO on Huobi Global will receive holding rewards monthly. 

The specific rules are as follows:

1. Minimum holding amount: 200 WOO (balances or trade orders ≥ 200 WOO)

2. Snapshot time: December 3, 2020 - December 2, 2022, snapshot every day at a randomized time

3. Scope of snapshot: For users who hold WOO on Huobi Global (balances or trade orders ≥200 WOO). WOO held in sub-accounts will be included in the corresponding parent accounts. Executed sell orders, uncredited deposits, and completed withdrawals will not be counted at the time of the snapshot.

4. Rewarding rules:

Monthly reward a user obtains = ( sum of user’s daily WOO holdings/sum of all participating users’ daily WOO holdings) * the total rewards for the month (the amount is as in the table below)

5. Please note:

  • The monthly rewards amount may be adjusted according to the WOO project team.
  • Huobi Global reserves the right to adjust or terminate the WOO monthly reward program.

6. The total amount of reward each month:

# of MonthTotal amount of rewards# of MonthTotal amount of rewards
1100,000 (Distribution  completed)13364,000
2122,000 (Distribution  completed)14386,000
3144,000 (Distribution  completed)15408,000
4166,000 (Distribution  completed)16430,000
5188,000 (Distribution  completed)17452,000

Huobi Global
Decmeber 2, 2020