Huobi Global Liquidity Mining Campaign: Stake BTC/ETH to Share the Reward of Mining at 20:00, November 26 (UTC+8)

Dear Users,

Huobi Global will start the “Staking BTC/ETH to Share the Reward of Liquidity Mining” campaign at 20:00 (UTC+8) on November 26, 2020, and provide 50 Million USDT worth of blockchain assets for DeFi Liquidity Mining. Rewards generated from DeFi Liquidity Mining will be distributed to all qualified participants. Stake BTC/ETH to start earning now!


Stake TokenStaking CycleAnnual RateMinimum Limit for IndividualsMaximum Limit for IndividualsStaking Cap In Total
BTC7 Days (early termination of the staking is not supported)10%1 BTC10 BTC1300 BTC
ETH1 ETH200 ETH42000 ETH

Projected Reward:

The final rewards for lock-up and mining are all BTC/ETH. However, the actual reward may be affected by the market volatility.

Reward Distribution:

1. The reward will be distributed after the end of the campaign.

2. The status of BTC/ETH you staked in the exchange account will be lock-up. The staking will be terminated automatically by the end day of the campaign.

Click here to participate:

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Huobi Global
November 26, 2020