FIL Staking & Mining Now Live

Dear users,

Huobi Pool will open the FIL staking & mining function at 18:00 on October20 (GMT+8), 2020. And will start the "Stake FIL in First week to enjoy tenfold rewards activity". The minimum number of staking is 8. Users who stake FIL can enjoy dual profits.It takes 3 days to withdraw FIL.

No.1 "Savings is mining" to obtain HPT

After opening of staking, users who choose any staking plan of 8 FIL or above at Huobi Pool can obtain HPT every day. The more and the longer you stake, the more HPT you can get.

No.2 Hold HPT to gain airdrops

According to the "Huobi Pool Global Token Model", all users holding ≥ 10,000 HPT at Huobi Pool will receive EOS、TRX、ONG、 CMT、 IOST 、ETH、 IRIS 、ATOM 、NULS 、BTM 、NEW 、VSYS 、ARPA 、LXT、 LOL 、CRO 、QTUM 、BHD 、BTT 、GXC、 TT 、DASH 、NEST、 KSM 、DOT every day.

"Stake FIL in First week to enjoy tenfold rewards activity" time is from 18:00 on October 20, 2020 (GMT+8) to 18:00 on October 26, 2020(GMT+8) . During the event, users who choose the lock-up plan (7th, 30th) to lock FIL in Huobi Pool will enjoy 10 times the reward. The longer the lock-up time, the higher the reward. Note: Huobi Pool is locked for mining, locked on T days, rewards calculated on T+1 days, and issued on T+2 days.

To learn more about staking, you can add Huobi Pool Assistant WeChat: HuobipoolECO

October 20, 2020