[Notice] Futures and Coin-Margined Swaps Support Switchable Leverage When Holding Positions

Dear valued users,

To provide you with better service, Huobi Futures will launch the“Switchable Leverage When Holding Positions” function for futures and Coin-margined swaps trading at 16:00 on Oct. 15, 2020 (GMT+8).With this function, users can switch leverage without closing positions first. As long as there is no open order, users with positions held can switch leverage based on their actual needs.

Operation method:

In futures or perpetual swaps trading page, users with positions held but have no open orders can switch to any leverage available.



1. Leverage switching in futures and perpetual swaps trading are independent; If a user switches the leverage for a certain expiration (e.g., Weekly contract) in futures trading, the leverages of the other expirations will also change for this token.
2. Only the leverage of contracts in trading status can be switched when holding positions.
3. Users with positions held can only switch leverage when they have no open limit orders and trigger orders.
4. Only the leverages available for a user can be switched to;
5. If after leverage switching the margin available is less than 0, the switching will not be successful.
6. If after leverage switching the margin ratio is less than or equal to 0, the switching will not be successful.
7. Leverage switching may fail due to problems like non-trading status, insufficient margin, network problems, or system problems.


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Risk warning: digital asset derivatives are innovative products with high risks and strong professionalism. Please rationally judge and make decisions prudently.


Huobi Futures

Oct. 14, 2020


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