FIL (Filecoin) Will Be Available on Huobi Global Soon

Dear users,

Huobi Global will launch FIL (Filecoin) after Filecoin mainnet goes live at block 148,888 (estimated on October 15, 2020 (GMT+8)). The time for opening FIL trading, deposits and withdrawals will be notified via other annoucements, so stay tuned.


FIL (Filecoin) Project Introduction

The IPFS is a global, peer-to-peer, distributed version of the file system. The goal is to supplement (or even replace) the HTTP that currently rules the Internet.  The principle is to use content-based addresses instead of domain-based addresses, that is, users are not looking for an address but content stored in a certain place. There is no need to verify the identity of the sender, but only the hash of the content. Filecoin is an incentive layer on top of IPFS, and a decentralized storage market that is built on IPFS through the token incentive model.

Please note that the introduction is compiled from the official whitepaper and does not constitute investment advice. Huobi does not take responsibility for any resulting direct or indirect losses.

Huobi Global
October 10, 2020