Announcement on Trading UNI (Uniswap) Without Holding Limits At Huobi Now

Dear users,

In order to provide better services and meet the trading needs of users, UNI (Uniswap), which was originally in Huobi Inno Hub, has now been moved to the "Main" sector. Enjoy your trading without  holding limits now!

Risk Reminder: Trading in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before trading, please have a full understanding of all the risks and be prudent of your own decisions.

Huobi Global
September 18, 2020


Huobi Group is a digital asset exchange with global competence and influence. Huobi’s 7 years of risk control experience is also leveraged to ensure the security and reliability of the exchange. Thanks for supporting Huobi. You can invite your friends to trade on Huobi and enjoy 30% fee rebates!

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