PHA (Phala) Introduction

1. Phala Introduction

Phala dedicated itself to be the infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection, providing confidential computing service for all blockchains in Polkadot ecosystem based on Substrate-built confidential smart contract applying TEE-Blockchain Hybrid Structure.

2. Phala Detail

Phala Network is a cross-chain interoperable confidential smart contract network for privacy-preserving decentralized apps and services. We are developing our pilot product – Web3 Analytics, a decentralized data analytic tool – to present our vision of Web3 that we want to give the value of data back to everyone and add liquidity on data market.

3. Token Distribution

  • TEE miners: 70%
  • Private Sale: 15%
  • Ecosystem Building & Parachain Auction: 9%
  • Team Incentive: 5%
  • Testnet Incentive: 1%


4. Token Detail & Release Schedule

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PHA
  • Circulating Supply: 137,000,000 PHA
  • Seed Round Price: Completed in September 2019; Proportion: 1%; 0.0028 USD
  • Private Round Price: Completed in 2020 Q2-Q3; Proportion: 14%; 0.008-0.01 USD
  • Token Release Schedule:
TEE Mining70%Fixed amount of token for TEE miners; isolated from the inflation
Stakedrop and IPO (Initial Parachain Offering)9%Obtainable though Polkadot ecosystem tokens such as KSM, DOT, etc.;
Testnet Incentive1%For testnet incentive programs
Private Sale15%Supporting Phala team to develop the project and build the community in the early stage. 60% of this section will be unlocked after the mainnet launch or token transfer enabled, with 20% unlocked every 6 months.
Developer Incentive5%Incentives for the core builders, among which 20% (10,000,000) will be unlocked after mainnet launches or token transfer enabled, with 5% unlocked every month

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