Adjustment of the Holding Limit of YFV, YAMV2 and SUSHI in Huobi Inno Hub

Dear users,

In order to enhance the trading experience, the holding limit of a single project of YFV, YAMV2 and SUSHI in Huobi Inno Hub has been adjusted from 10,000 USDT equivalents of tokens to 50,000 USDT equivalents of tokens, and there is still no holding limit for API trading, insiders and above (Huobi VIP). The projects launched in Huobi Inno Hub and the trading addresses are as follows:

ProjectsLaunch TimeHolding Limit Trading Addresses
SUSHI (Sushi)Sept. 1

50,000 USDT equivalents of tokens

There is no holding limit for API trading, insiders and above (Huobi VIP).
YAMV2 (YAMv2)Sept. 1
YFV (YFValue)Sept. 1
MTA (Meta)Aug. 31
YFII (yfii finance)Aug. 23
YFI ( 23

As a brand-new product, Huobi Inno Hub will continue to adjust and improve key mechanisms such as holding limit based on community suggestions.

The development process of high-potential projects in Huobi Inno Hub is often accompanied by drastic price fluctuations caused by extreme market conditions. Please read the detailed introduction (“Inno” Service Agreement) and risk warnings carefully before trading:

  • Trading digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before trading, please have full understanding of all the risks and be prudent of your own decisions.
  • All information displayed on Huobi Global do not constitute investment advice. Huobi does not take responsibility for any resulting direct or indirect losses.

Thanks to community users for your suggestions and suggestions, we will continue to provide you with innovative products and quality services! Looking forward to bringing you a better trading experience!

Huobi Global
September 2, 2020