Preferential Policy for Huobi Options VIP Clients

Dear valued users:

Huobi Futures now introduces preferential policy for Huobi options VIP clients. If currently you are a VIP client of Huobi futures contracts or perpetual swaps, you can enjoy the same-level preferential policy of Huobi options.

★★★If you are a VIP client from other platforms, you can apply for discounted fee rates via our VIP Client Sharing Program. To get more details, please click here>>>

After becoming a Huobi options VIP client, you can enjoy:

Details of fee rate discount are as below:


If you are not a Huobi options VIP client yet, please contact your business manager for application.


  1. The above fee rate discount activity expires at October 31, 2020 (GMT+8);
  2. The above preferential conditions, such as fee rates as well as other values and application requirements are only eligible for a certain period, and may change. Please check the official announcement for the latest update;
  3. For options trading, the transaction fee shall not exceed 12.5% of the premium, the delivery fee shall not exceed 12.5% of the delivery income, and the maker rebate ratio shall not exceed 8% of the premium.

Thank you your support to Huobi Futures!


Huobi Futures

August 31, 2020


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