Notification on the Official Launch of Huobi Options

Dear valued users,


To provide you with better trading experience, Huobi Futures will launch USDT-quoted Options (on Web and API currently) at 18:00 on September, 1, 2020 (GMT+8).

Huobi Options is one of digital asset derivatives. The options buyer has the right to buy or sell the asset at the strike price on the expiration date, while the options seller is obliged to become the counterparty of the buyer if the buyer exercises the options. What the options buyer purchases is a right. If exercising the options on the expiration date is beneficial to the buyer, the buyer can exercise the options to gain profits; if not, the buyer can give up the right and the seller does not need to fulfill the obligations. Users can trade options to hedge the risk of current spot positions or gain profits from predicting the future price of options premium.

Currently only BTC/USDT options is available to trade, Huobi Futures will continue to provide other options in the near future, please stay stunned.


Thanks for your support to Huobi Futures!

Risk reminder: Digital asset derivatives are innovative products that carry a high level of risk. Please rationally judge and make decisions prudently.


Huobi Futures

August 31, 2020


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