$100,000 Awards to Celebrate the Launch of BAND Perpetual Swaps

Dear users:

Huobi Futures and BAND team now introduce “$100,000 Awards to Celebrate the Launch of BAND Perpetual Swaps” activity.

Activity Time: 10:00 on August 26, 2020 – 10:00 on September 2 (GMT+8)

Activity 1: Transfer BAND to perpetual swaps account to get $10 BAND

This activity is only limited to newly opened perpetual swaps users or users who have opened perpetual swaps account but have never traded before. New users who complete below two tasks can equally share $20,000 awards.

  • Transfer no less than 10 BAND to perpetual swaps account;
  • Complete a BAND perpetual swaps transaction with any amount.

The $20,000 awards will be delivered on a first-come, first-served basis and the first 2000 users who complete the tasks will receive $10 BAND each. The system will snapshot users’ assets every day, and users with assets in swaps account equal to or greater than 10 BAND shall be regarded as meet the requirement. 

Activity 2: Trade BAND swaps and share activity poster to get $5 BAND each.

Users who complete the following two tasks can get $5 BAND each. $20,000 BAND will be delivered on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Trade BAND perpetual swaps with accumulatively 10 conts or above (the face value for each BAND contract is $10);
  • Share the BAND activity poster to social media (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter) and upload the screenshot to https://bit.ly/2FRnFRP.


Activity 3: Trade BAND swaps to grab $60,000 awards.

During the activity period, users who trade BAND swaps with trading amount ranking top 100 can join to share $30,000 BAND.

There is another $30,000 prize pool for lucky users (the Top 100 users are not included). Based on trading amount, users who rank 7, 17, 27, …, 9977, 9987, or 9997 with trading amount no less than $1,000 will receive $30 BAND each.

Awards for each ranking are laid out as below:

Top 1          $3,000 equivalent BAND

Top 2-3        $2,000 equivalent BAND

Top 4-10       $1,000 equivalent BAND

Tope 11-100    Equally share $16,000 equivalent BAND

Lucky users with trading amount greater than $1,000 can receive $30 BAND each.


  1. Sub-account shall not participate in this event as an independent account; nevertheless, the trading volume of a sub-account can be counted into its main account.;
  2. Trade Huobi perpetual swaps: https://futures.huobi.fm/en-us/swap/exchange/
  3. Trading amount shall include both buying and selling amount, but shall not include the amount from wash trading.
  4. Users can either join any one of the activities or participate in three activities at the same time; Users who meet the requirements will acquire the corresponding awards.
  5. BAND awards will be delivered to winners’ perpetual swaps account within one week after the activity ends. Please kindly note the email or SMS notification.
  6. Huobi Futures shall disqualify user’s participation if any malicious behavior is detected;
  7. Huobi Futures reserves the right of final interpretation to this event.


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