Huobi Savings FAQ

Huobi Savings FAQ:

1. What is Flexible Savings?

Flexible Savings, a service provides an account to purchase and save your digital assets with functions of daily earning calculation and real-time account arrival, etc.

2. Method for calculating earning of the Savings

The earning will be calculated on a daily basis, and the earning calculation will start on the T+1 after the day of submitting the subscription. The earning will be paid on the T+2 after the Flexible Savings product is purchased, and the earning on Promotions is paid in a lump sum at maturity.

3. What is subscription?

Subscription refers to the action that users can apply for the purchase of our financial products at any time during the sales period after the release of financial products. Subscription and redemption will be open from 11:10 Singapore time to 10:50 Next day.

4. What is automatic subscription?

Users can set up the automatic subscription function of current products. After this function is activated, the system will automatically transfer all the balance that can be subscribed from the user's exchange account to user’s Flexible Savings account, and the earning will be calculated in accordance with the current product standard. 

5. Is a compound earning available on Flexible Savings?

Compound earning is available on Flexible Savings.

Instruction: the earning generated in the Flexible Savings account will be automatically issued to the exchange account every day. Once the user opens the automatic subscription, the assets of the exchange account (including the earning issued) will be automatically transferred to the Flexible Savings account every day, so as to participate in the current earning calculation daily. 

6. How to redeem Flexible Savings?

Quick redemption (T) and standard redemption (T+1) is applicable to Flexible Savings. To have a standard redemption, users can have the actual redeemed assets (with the earning of the redemption submit day) before 24:00 on the next day. To have a quick redemption, users can have the actual redeemed assets (without the earning of the redemption submit day) before 24:00 on the day. Please be noted that there are daily limits for quick redemption on different products. Please refer to the standards for current available projects or products.

7. What is the Promotions?

After a Promotions order is successfully subscribed, it can only be redeemed to the exchange account automatically when it expires in the system (early redemption is not supported during the process).